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Jay Cal’s View #30 — A look at the SCU Hall of Fame 2010

Since 2001, has been the uncensored voice in Southern California, pioneered by Steven Bryant and Lonnie Hill. Taking a radically different approach at the time, by separating themselves from other Southern California wrestling websites, SCU became the place to get your news and information with regards to Indy wrestling. It wasn’t long before […]

Jay Cal’s View #2

In 2001, the Southern California Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame inducted its first class of Legends into what would become a regular annual induction of Southern California’s finest wrestlers from World Wrestling Alliance, National Wrestling Alliance, American Wrestling Association, Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and World Wrestling Entertainment. The names in the Hall transcend styles […]

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport– The Western Australia – So Cal Connection.

The Western Australian So Cal Connection isn’t the newest tag team appearing for M1Wrestling next weekend. Its been a phenomenon in our wrestling scene that hasn’t been replicated anywhere else in the World. As a Southern California native, when I think of Australians I typically think of Crocodile Dundee, Kangaroos, Koalas, or Outback Steakhouse. When […]

NWA Hollywood

Solve for X(Posure): Has NWA Pro Finally Gotten it Right?

Jay evaluates the recent NWA TV tapings in Hollywood and gauges their potential for cable success. Click below for the full article. David Marquez’s NWA Pro Wrestling has been a subject of interest and speculation since first appearing on the Southern California wrestling scene in force in 2006. Following a chaotic co-promotional relationship with New […]

LTP: Southern California’s Best Kept Secret

SoCal’s indy wrestling scene may be “Less Than Perfect,” but one rising young superstar has limitless potential…if anyone actually paid attention. Click below for the full column. Fans of independent wrestling in Southern California have a lot of reason to be thankful – while they could be suffering through poorly organized cards “headlined” by The […]