IWL Enters 2012 Recap

Shot of the Night - IWL Enters 2012

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of  IWL’s Enters 2012 on 2/17/12 from the American Legion Post #299, Chino, CA.  With Paul London vacating the IWL Heavyweight title to fulfill his European duties, a new IWL Anarchy title belt, and the special appearance by a former TNA X-Division star, there was quite a large crowd for this promotion, although a familiar manager was steering things in his favor….again. Big shout out to Referee Justin Borden for officiating the entire card this night, as “Senior Referee” Jay Stone is now in Florida to hone his skills at the Team 3-D Academy.

1 – Tag Team Title Tournament Final. Justin Ryke & Eric Watts def. The Mixtape Kings (Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob Diez, w/ Christian Cole) to win the vacant IWL Tag Team Championship. Justin Ryke did most of the work and took out LTP w/ a Spear for the clincher, but Eric Watts didn’t want the title…and for good reasons, which was revealed later that night.

2 – Impromptu intergender match after a belated Valentine’s Day fallout. “Pretty” Peter Avalon def. Buggy by DQ w/ the successful sell of a chair shot to the gut.

3 – Ground Zero (Joseph Knox & Riki De La Paz) def. Simon Lotto & Steven Andrews. Riki De La Paz got the winning pin on Simon Lotto w/ their team finisher–a powerslam from Joseph Knox into a No-Hands Backstabber from Riki De La Paz. Some of the fans in the front row turned on Steven Andrews after he had accidentally slapped away a fan’s smartphone.

4 – Chris Kadillak p. Eric Cross w/ what looked like a Brainbuster in a very nice mid-card match.

5 – New IWL Anarchy Champion, to christen the new title belt! Ray (Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr)Rosas p. Famous B after striking the said title belt to B’s head while the referee was knocked down from a wayward Flashing Lights Superkick from B. With that, Rosas kept his fanny pack too, which was at stake, getting some sweet redemption after his brutal shortfall inside the steel cage at last Sunday’s NWA Hollywood taping (which can be seen later in the Spring).

6 – After intermission, Johnny Saovi’s Gauntlet Challenge #2 of 4 was next. Saovi p. T.J. Perkins w/ a reversal rollup in a strong match between the teacher (Perkins) & the student (Saovi). What will Eric Cross throw at him at the next show?

SM – B-Boy & Tyler Bateman (w/ Raze) fought to a time-limit draw. High-energy, hard-hitting match yielded some “This is insane!” chants from the fans, including myself, especially after both men gave each other a series of headbutts. A wayward Shining Wizard attempt found B-Boy’s exposed knee strike Raze at the side of her head while she tried to tend to her boy, knocking her out for the rest of the match. The time-limit bell rang just as it looked like B-Boy was going to incapacitate Tyler w/ a Guillontine Choke. Obvious choice for the match of the night.

Shot of the Night - IWL Enters 2012

M – IWL Heavyweight Championship Match. What was supposed to have been a Fatal-4-Way turned into a 5-Man FFA, as Christian Cole got the go from promoter Vic Luna, as it seemed, to add in…”BIG NASTY” ERIC WATTS! Eric Watts took on Willie Mack, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, & former TNA X-Division Champion Amazing Red, and beat them all when he rolled up Willie Mack w/ a Crucifix to win the vacant IWL Heavyweight Title. A bit of a scuffle between Watts & Ryke ensued, but a brief shoot by The Young Bucks to thank Red for coming over, among other things, ended the show.

So there is some intrigue going into the next IWL show. What will Justin Ryke do in the wake of the events of this show? Who will step up to face Eric Watts in the wake of Christian Cole strutting his stuff as a “manager of champions”? Only time will tell.

For more photos of the show, please visit my gallery.