VWF Monday Night Mayhem – 23 April 24

In the Main Event of Monday Night Mayhem, Brandon Gatson defeated Brian Kendrick after Honest Jon and Enoch the Enlightened interfered. Click for full results from the event.

Valley wrestling Federation
Monday Night Mayhem
April 24th, 2023
Epic Rollertainment
Murrieta, CA

Honest John w/ Enoch vs Socal Crazy
John over via Shock Therapy DDT after Enoch’s interference 11:22

Boviously Nasty (Bovi & Chris Nasty) vs Wrestle Buddiez (CSJ & Alan Breeze)
Boviously Nasty over via Big WOW slam by Bovi 13:27

Wicked Wickett vs Mike Rayne
Mike Rayne over via spike piledriver 16:37

Jordyn w/ Jaida Vanity (Vanity Twins) vs Gin Sevani w/ Royal Hawaiin
Gin over via roll-up after Royal Hawaiian prevented Jaida from interfering

“Judge” Joe Dred vs K.J Toumbas /w The Principal
Judge Joe over via Michinoku Driver 4:17

Mulligan comes out and challenges Joe Dred to a match

“Judge” Joe Dred vs Mulligan /w the Principal
Joe Dred over via Backfired interference by The Principal 8:57

Brandon Gatson vs Brian Kendrick Brandon Gatson over via pinfall after interference by Honest John and Enoch. 15:28