SoCal Crazy made his return to the square circle on April 23rd, 2023.

SoCal Crazy’s journey to return to the ring took place at last night’s One Ring Circus event, Ale Slam V.  Ruben Iglesia threw everything he had at SoCal Crazy including a steel chair. But the determination of SoCal Crazy would best Iglesia. You can click here for the rest of the show’s results. Before last night’s event, SoCal Crazy wrestled his last match on September 26th, 2021 for WCWC. His match with Eric Cross was supposed to put an end to his feud with Cross and the Ajency. However, SoCal would receive devastating news just days after this match.

“Well, Mr. Bustos. I don’t know how to tell you this…You have Stage 4 Colon Cancer.” Crazy had felt unwell after receiving his 3rd Covid-19 shot. He would tell Jay Cal in an Interview that he went to urgent care that noticed there was something wrong. Crazy would then drive to the nearest hospital only to receive the unsettling news. “We need to take you to the emergency room and cut you open right now.” 

“As soon as I heard that, the first thing that popped into my head was the faces of my friends. Jeff, Trevor, Andy, Matt Twisted, Maldicito. All of their faces came to my head and my first thought was I’m never going to see these guys again, this is it for me.” The grim thoughts after his diagnosis were that this was the end. Luckily that evening Crazy was admitted for surgery and after two hours they removed all of cancer. Cancer had spread to his kidney, they were lucky to find it as soon as they did. Crazy would begin chemotherapy the following week for approximately 8 months. Chemo was successful for SoCal Crazy and he has been in remission ever since. His cat scan in October of 2022 gave him the news that he would in fact be able to return to the ring.

This time wasn’t without its struggles. “I thought to myself, I have cancer. I’m here in bed. All I can do is wait it out. What am I going to do? Feel bad for myself?” Crazy explained that all he could do was be positive. But during this time he would experience terrible amounts of pain because of complications. Crazy had a really bad infection in his stomach. Crazy had to carry a colostomy bag. The pain was tremendous. But it saved his life. During this process, he would have insane nausea and vertigo.

Before this news, SoCal Crazy had been Wrestler of the Year in 2009. He is a 4 Time SoCal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, AWS Heavyweight Champion, Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion, New Wave Pro Wrestling Champion, 3 Time SoCal Pro Tag Team Champion, 2 Time EWF Tag Team Champion, NWPW Tag Team Champion, EWF American Champion, SoCal Pro Golden State Champion, and NWPW Rapid Division Champion.

Looking Forward

Dealing with the prospect of never being able to wrestle again, SoCal Crazy began to think about what would be next for him, if he wouldn’t be able to return to in-ring competition. That’s when the idea started for an event in an effort to create Cancer Awareness. “HERMANOS CONTRA CANCER.” The event only fuelled his desire to get back into the ring. And following his doctors clearing him to return to in-ring competition he began working on getting ready to return to the ring. 

SoCal Crazy will wrestle tonight (April 24th) against Honest Jon with Enoch The Enlightened at Valley Wrestling Connection in Murrieta, against Ju Drizz and B-Boy in a triple threat match on April 30th for Global Lucha Libre, and makes his return to Pro Wrestling Unplugged in May.