WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – October 12, 2019

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WOW Women of Wrestling opened its fifth episode with a recap of last week’s match between Jungle Grrrl and The Beast. The clip shows that after WOW went off the air last week, World Champion Tessa Blanchard rolled the referee back into the ring and the pinfall victory was called in Beast’s favor. Tessa was shown telling Beast that they were even. We see another scene where Beast approaches Tessa and tells her to sign the contract for their title match. 

The camera then shows David McLane in his office. Tessa Blanchard tells him that she didn’t sign the contract for a title match with Beast, but that she would gladly face any competitor that walks through the office door. Reyna Reyes enters saying that she was sent there by The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez and it is clear that Blanchard and Lopez colluded to set up the match. 

Jungle Grrrl vs. Sassy Massy

The episode heads back to the WOW ring where Jungle Grrrl attests that it took 2 competitors to beat her last week. She says that no one can beat her in singles action and calls for an opponent from the back. Sassy Massy answers Jungle Grrrl’s call for a challenger. Jungle Grrrl is ferocious with the frustration of a caged animal. She attacks Massy, who responds with a senton. Jungle Grrrl soonnresimes her control, dominating Massy. We see a new side of Jungle Grrrl with tensions mounting after her match against The Beast. Massy is refueled by the crowd but the Jungle Driver leaves her laid out in the center of the ring. The Queen of the Splash lives up to her name as she climbs to the top turnbuckle. However, she opts not to cover Massy, but imparts damage with multiple splashes on her opponent. Chantilly Chella comes to the aid of her tag team partner but is taken out by the Jungle Driver. Jungle Grrrl sets both of her opponents on the mat and heads to the top once more to splash both competitors. Referees come from the back to coax down Jungle Grrrl and the match is ruled a No Contest. 

In the next scene, we hear the voice of Lana Star plotting some trouble within the tag team division. A sign with the names of Dixie Darlings Jolene and Jolynn is taped over the locker room door of Jesse James and Amber O’Neal. When the Dixie Darlings enter the room, they are met with confused tension from James and O’Neal, showing that Lana Star has gained success in stirring the pot at WOW. 

We then see some of the history between WOW Superheroes Abilene Maverick and Stephen Slays. From Maverick spilling tea on Slays at a party, Slays has been subject to bullying from the Governor’s Daughter for months. Slays is finally getting her opportunity for justice against her foe. However, Maverick comes to the ring in a neck brace, telling Slays and the crowd at the Belasco Theater that she was injured in a skiing accident. Though she can’t fight Slays, she picked an opponent that she says will teach Slays a lesson about wrestling. 

The Disciplinarian vs. Stephy Slays

The Disciplinarian storms the ring and attacks Slays. Samantha Smart backs up The Disciplinarian from ringside, rocking Slays with an open palm strike while the referee’s back is turned. The Disciplinarian destroys Slays, tossing her like a rag doll across the ring. Slays’ spirit keeps her alive after a barrage of offensive maneuvers from The Disciplinarian. Slays manages to get a foot to the ropes to break The Disciplinarian’s hold on her and hits strikes and a dropkick to distance herself from her opponent. Slays tries for the Victory Roll to no avail and falls victim to The Disciplinarian’s TKO for the win. Samantha Smart celebrates her protégée’s win and insults the audiences’ inferior intelligence. 

The show comes back from break with Siren and Holidead in a candlelit room. Siren’s cards prophecy a darkness awaiting Princess Aussie on her path. 

The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) vs The Dixie Darlings (Jolynn and Jolene)

We head back to the ring for more action from the WOW Tag Team Championship Series. The Monsters of Madness Havok and Hazard take on the Dixie Darlings Jolynn and Jolene. The Darlings are taken out quickly by dual clotheslines from the Monsters of Madness. Havok and Hazard use their cohesion as a unit, tagging one another to keep their offense fresh. Jolynn and Jolene are beaten down by their opponents with suplexes, chops and strikes. Jolene manages to escape Hazard but Havok takes out Jolynn at ringside, rendering The Dixie Darling unable to tag her partner. Hazard gets the pinfall victory and the Monsters of Madness advance to the next round of the WOW Tag Team Championship Tournament. They address the audience as they tower over the decimated Dixie Darlings, professing that they are laying a path of annihilation through WOW. 

Reyna Reyes is shown on screen as we lead into her match against Tessa Blanchard. Reyes dreamed of wrestling but felt that she was letting down her family. She chose to wrestle under a mask as Azteca because she admired the pride and respect of lucha libre. This season, she is reborn as she honors her true self and her true culture as The Pearl of the Philippines. In her biggest opportunity to date, she challenges The Born Legend for the WOW World Championship to prove herself as a WOW Superhero. 

Reyna Reyes vs. Tessa Blanchard

The Main Event begins with Blanchard, the WOW Champion, circling The Pearl of the Philippines. The Beast watches the match from the locker room and commentary addresses that it should have been her match against Blanchard tonight. Reyna looks for daring top rope maneuvers early on in the match, but Blanchard kicks her off to the hard floor below. Strikes are exchanged between the competitors and Reyna disposes Blanchard to ringside. Reyes hits the Sky Twister on Tessa and follows it up with a slingshot splash over the ropes. Reyes attempts to cover The Born Legend, but Blanchard kicks out. Blanchard climbs to the top rope and Reyes meets her there for a Spanish Fly. The Pearl of the Philippines covers Blanchard once more but the WOW Champion gets a shoulder up. Reyes goes for another Sky Twister but Blanchard rolls out of the way. Blanchard rocks Reyes with the Diamond DDT to retain her WOW World Championship. 

Suddenly, Jungle Grrrl rushes the ring and slams Blanchard in the middle of the ring. Jungle Grrrl splashes the Champion, hands her the title and tells her that she is next in line. 

Action shifts back to the WOW locker room, where we see Jungle Grrrl and Beast getting into a heated brawl as the episode goes off the air. 

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