WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – November 2, 2019

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WOW – Women of Wrestling began this week’s episode with a recap of events from last week. The last episode ended with Jungle Grrrl winning over The Beast via disqualification after The Lioness attacked her from ringside. We are seeing the collision between Lana Star and The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez at work. In a brief scene, we see Star being confronted by Beast. Beast warns her about interfering in future matches and advises The Fabulous one to reconsider aligning herself with Lopez. 

As we return to the Belasco Theater, Jungle Grrrl comes to the ring to speak with David McLane. Jungle Grrrl states that “a win is a win” and that she’s ready to face Blanchard 1-on-1. The WOW World Champion approaches and McLane suggests that she had something to do with the interference in the match last week. Blanchard says that she ended Jungle Grrrl’s streak and wants to kick her ass again, but she already signed a contract for tonight’s main event. She is giving up-and-comer The Lioness a title opportunity shot of a lifetime. 

Khloe Hurtz vs. Sassy Massy

The first match of the episode begins with All Natural Khloe Hurtz entering the ring, accompanied by her Ring Rats. She faces “Human Party Bus” Sassy Massy in singles competition. Hurtz kicks off the match with quick offense on Massy, but Massy dropkicks her opponent to regain the upper hand. Massy dives for a crossbody splash on Hurtz and covers her for a two-count. Hurtz distracts the referee and her Ring Rats trip Massy from ringside. Hurtz displays her aggression with shoulder thrusts and corner splashes, but Massy dodges an attack and rolls her opponent up for another pinfall attempt. Hurtz locks in a rear sleeper hold on her competitor, but Massy escapes. In a show of her power, Hurtz performs squats with Massy on her shoulders before slamming her with a Samoan Drop. Massy hits Hurtz with the Complete Shot for the win, cementing her status as a strong singles competitor. 

Backstage, security cameras catch footage of Dixie Darlings Jolene and Jolynn in the locker room, stealing the boots of Amber O’Neal and Jessie Jones. 

Next, Chantilly Chella congratulates her friend Sassy Massy on her win as she prepares for her own match against The Temptress. 

The Temptress vs. Chantilly Chella

Action returns to the ring as The Temptress (accompanied by The Dagger), begins her match against Chantilly Chella. The spirited athlete Chella brings lightning speed and lucha style, but The Temptress uses cunning strategy to weaken the crowd favorite. Temptress wears down Chella with a backbreaker and Chella fires back with a meteora. Chella covers Temptress after a dropkick, but Dagger pulls Temptress out of the ring to keep the match alive. Chella attempts to kick her opponent through the ropes, but Temptress dodges her strike and delivers a big boot. Chella escapes the clutches of The Temptress and lays her out with a spinning back kick to gain the victory. 

Back in the locker room, Amber O’Neal and Jessie Jones prepare for their tag team match. They search frantically, but discover that their boots are missing. With no time to spare, they head to the ring bootless for the next round of the Tag Team Title Series. 

Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal vs. Fire & Adrenaline

Back at ringside, Jessie Jones asks David McLane to postpone the match because she and Amber O’Neal have been sabotaged. McLane denies the request and the bootless competitors are set to face Fire and Adrenaline. O’Neal starts the match in control of Fire, keeping her in the corner. Fire evades O’Neal’s offense and attempts quick covers. Fire gains momentum, hits a big dropkick and tags in Adrenaline. Adrenaline performs powerful takedowns and pin attempts. She makes the most of her time in the ring, not letting up on the legal competitor Jones. Fire and Adrenaline work together, hitting dropkicks on Jones and setting up for the Asai DDT. Jones fights out and tags O’Neal. A fired-up O’Neal takes fists to Adrenaline and attempts a bodyslam, but Adrenaline rolls through and pins O’Neal’s shoulders to the mat. The referee is arguing with Jones on the apron and missed the 3-count. Adrenaline climbs to the top rope and hits a tornado DDT on O’Neal. Tags are made by both legal competitors for Fire and Jones to re-enter the ring. Fire unleashes fast-paced maneuvers and tosses Jones out to the apron. When she lands on her bootless foot, she clutches at her unprotected ankle. Fire works an ankle lock on O’Neal and gets her to tap out. Fire and Adrenaline take the win and advance to the finals of the Tag Team Series. 

After the match, Jones and O’Neal cross paths with the Dixie Darlings, who reveal that they have their boots. Jones and O’Neal inform Jolynn and Jolene that they cost them a spot in the tournament and proceed to “beat the bricks off” of the Dixie Darlings. 

The Lioness vs. Tessa Blanchard

In the Main Event, The Lioness is set to face WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard after interfering last week on Blanchard’s account. The deal was made between Lopez and Blanchard for Lana Star’s protégée to get a title opportunity. The Lioness was groomed to be a fighter and has a background as a dancer and performer, making the young competitor a true wildcard matchup for Blanchard. 

With Lana Star in her corner The Lioness begins her title match against Tessa Blanchard. After exchanging holds, Blanchard asserts her power by getting Lioness into a headlock. With a great show of agility, Lioness weaves out of the way of Blanchard’s strikes and drags the Champion to the mat. Lioness attempts a dive, but Blanchard clocks her in midair and unleashes kicks on her opponent. Blanchard regains control of the match, grounding Lioness. Making her way back to her feet, Lioness takes Blanchard off her feet with a kick and lays out the champion with clotheslines. A dropkick in the corner allows Lioness a quick cover. Lioness escapes a half-Nelson hold from Blanchard and cracks her with an enziguri. A dive from Lioness takes out Blanchard, but the Born Legend regains the upper hand with a codebreaker on her challenger. Blanchard looks for Magnum off the top turnbuckle, but Lioness has it scouted. A spinning back kick from the up-and-comer levels the champion, but Blanchard kicks out at two. Blanchard hits the Diamond DDTbto retain her title, but Lioness put up quite a fight. 

While the World Champion celebrates her win, Jungle Grrrl spears Blanchard in the center of the ring. Referees rush to break up the altercation between the two superheroes and the episode ends with officials holding them apart. 

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