Viral video of Shiloh Greaves is actually an edited clip from a wrestling promo

An edited clip from a promo Southern California based wrestler Shiloh Greaves posted about ‘Big T’ Thomas Moore for New Wave Pro in Indiana has the internet outraged. The edited video that only shows Greaves opening a bottle of iced tea in a grocery store, spitting into it, and then placing it back on the shelf has been viewed over four million times at press time.

In the full video, Greaves looks at the camera, takes the tea off the shelf, and says “How many times am I going to have to teach you this lesson Big T? This is a big tea.” He then proceeds to cut a full promo and it ends with him saying “No one is going to spit on him any longer, but I’m about to spit on Big T’s legacy.” He then spits in the tea and walks away.

We’ve been informed that the tea was purchased before the video was filmed and disposed of afterwards.

The edited video of the incident first surfaced on July 8, 2019, and quickly went viral on Twitter. The video was also picked up by websites such as Wrestlers who have worked with Greaves quickly identified him as being the person in the video, with Suede Thompson being one of the first to publicly identify him.

After he was identified as the wrestler Shiloh Greaves, local referee Fred Gabriel posted on Facebook “Dude that promo was shot months shot for UEW, it was a promo, no way he did that intentionally.”

The lead UEW to issue the following statement to

“While Shiloh Greaves has wrestled for us in the past we have not produced any promo of this nature. Any UEW approved promo, segment, skits, ect. [sic] will have UEW branding on it. We don’t condone these actions and do not know any more about the videos origin.”

There has been a recent viral trend of people filming themselves doing disgusting acts in stores and then putting products back on the shelves. Recently a person seen opening an ice cream container and licking the ice cream before putting it back on the shelf was arrested in Louisiana.

Greaves was originally trained to be a pro-wrestler at Knokx Pro but has not wrestled for that promotion in several years. Lately, he has wrestled mainly for UEW and Amped Up.

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  1. Obviously, that Iced Tea Prank was Greaves’ 15 mins of Fame ’cause he can’t wrestle from what I’ve seen.
    After watching the Iced Tea video I googled him just to see him get his ass kicked in the ring. He basically ran out of it.
    Bitch. Lol

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