EWF – 07 June 2019 – Results

Super Beetle defeated Rico Dynamite in the main event of EWF’s June 7th event at the Faith Life Center in Eastvale, CA. Click for full results from the event.

Empire Wrestling Federation
June 7, 2019
Faith Life Center
Eastvale, CA

Ty Ray over Tortuguita.

Patient Zero over Dragonfly Logan.

Richie Slate & Jordan Clearwater over Honesty is the Best Policy (Archimedes & Honest John).

Super Beetle over Rico Dynamite.

Note: Originally Super Beetle was announced as having won the EWF Heavyweight Championship, however upon review after the show had ended, EWF commissioner Frank Mott ruled that Dynamite’s foot was under the rope. Super Beetle’s victory was upheld but Rico Dynamite remains EWF Heavyweight Champion. .

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