Introducing the Wrestlers Try the Death Nut Challenge video series

After this past weekend’s AWS event, several wrestlers took part in the Death Nut Challenge. For those who don’t know what the Death Nut Challenge is, it consists of five levels of peanuts that are flavored with some of the hottest peppers in the world. The heat rises with each level, with 13,000,000 Scoville Capsaicin Crystals added to the 5th and final level.

Once you start the challenge, you are supposed to chew the nuts for 15 seconds then wait 90 seconds before moving on to the next level. A person taking part in the challenge is not supposed to drink anything while the challenge is going on and you are supposed to hold out five minutes before drinking anything after completing the fifth level.

Heather Monroe was the first to try the challenge. While Heather opted to just eat one nut from each level instead of the whole pack, she was the first one to get up the courage to try.

The next to try it was Shotzi Blackheart, only she went straight to level five. That was probably a mistake.

The 2018 Southern California Rookie of the Year Dom Kubrick was the third wrestler to try their luck. He was followed by Jesse James and finally Watts.

We will be releasing the videos of the wrestlers trying the Death Nut Challenge over the next few days on the YouTube channel. Please subscribe, if you haven’t already, to be notified when new videos are released.

First up is Heather Monroe’s attempt to take on the Death Nut Challenge with special appearances by Shotzi Blackheart and Jake Atlas.

The second video featuring Shotzi Blackheart and Dom Kubrick attempting the challenge will be released soon.

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