Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 11: Last Man (or Machine) Standing Review

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 11- Last Man (or Machine) StandingLucha Underground Season 4, Episode 11- Last Man (or Machine) Standing

Pentagon Dark faces Cage in a Last Man Standing match, Mil Muertes faces The Mack in a Haunted House match and more.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 11: Last Man (or Machine) Standing

As usual, we begin with a recap of events that took place on previous episodes. After that, we go backstage at the Ice Temple where we see Melissa Santos putting on her makeup. Dragon Azteca Jr. walked in and they began talking about how she misses Fenix. He gave her half of the Aztec amulet he had before he left to get ready for the show.

Inside the Ice Temple, a bunch of Halloween decorations were hanging around the venue, as well as on the cage that was set up on the ring. The cage also had several weapons on it. Matt Striker and Vampiro were at ringside and ran down what we were going to see on this episode while eating sunflower seeds. Famous B made his on-screen return to Lucha Underground during this.

Before the Haunted House match, Catrina got on the microphone and told Melissa that she forgot to introduce her, and called her a bitch in the process. Melissa would refuse, resulting in Catrina attacking her. Catrina would throw Melissa into the cage several times and then smashed her head into a glass vase. A member of the Lucha Underground staff ran to ringside to check on Melissa as the show went to a commercial break.

Haunted House Match: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. The Mack

After the commercial break, the match began. Matt Striker mentioned on commentary that Melissa was taken to a hospital after the attack by Catrina. The Mack would get some offense on Mil Muertes to start, but Muertes would eventually stop The Mack’s momentum. Muertes would control the match and used several weapons on The Mack, including a pumpkin. The Mack would mount a brief comeback to even things out. A few moments later, Mil Muertes would break the cage after tackling The Mack through it several times, sending the match outside of the ring.

More weapons would be brought into the match, including a table and a knife. Mil Muertes would use the knife to stab The Mack’s forehead, causing The Mack to bleed heavily. The Mack would mount another brief comeback by putting Muertes through a table set up in a corner with a spinebuster, but Muertes got right back up and tackled The Mack through another table set up in the corner across. Things would go back-and-forth some more before The Mack would get the upper hand after hitting three straight Stunners on Muertes. The Mack would set Muertes up on a table, and climbed up to the top rope. Muertes would get up to prevent The Mack from doing anything and then hit a Flatliner on The Mack through the table for the win.

After the match, Mil Muertes ordered Catrina to give The Mack the “Lick Of Death.” She would get on the mic and simply said “no” and walked away as the show went to a commercial break.

Back inside the Ice Temple, Famous B, who was confined to a wheelchair, got on the microphone to thank the believers for wishing him a speedy recovery. He then said he would be introducing the next match, and would never leave the fans again. As Famous B read the name on the card, he uttered “oh shit” before introducing the man who broke his ankle, Jake Strong.

Aerostar vs. Jake Strong

Jake would make fun of Aerostar for being shorter than him before the match started. Aerostar would get control of the match early, utilizing his speed advantage to get the upper hand early in the match. Jake Strong would get the win after throwing Aerostar off the top rope, followed by an ankle lock submission. Jake Strong would hold onto the submission after the match but would let go after Drago ran out for the save. Drago and Aerostar stood in the ring together as the show went to a commercial break.

After a commercial break, Worldwide Underground were in the locker room throwing a party for Taya and Johnny Mundo’s wedding. Jack Evans and PJ Black were the only guests there. Taya gifted Johnny a portrait of him with the Lucha Underground Championship. After seeing the gift, Johnny became upset about not having the belt. Taya then told him she talked to Antonio Cueto and that he’d be getting a title shot the week after their wedding. Outside, Benjamin Cooke tried to get into the party but was denied access by Ricky Mundo. Ricky would then stab him to death with a pen to Ricky’s talking doll’s delight. Inside the party, Jack Evans gifted Taya and Johnny Mundo with matching bandanas while the murder took place.

Back inside the Ice Temple, it’s time for the main event. Famous B would introduce Cage and Pentagon before the show went to a commercial break.

Lucha Underground Championship – Last Man Standing Match: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Cage

The match started off with Cage and Pentagon brawling outside the ring. Cage would begin to rip Pentagon’s mask during this, exposing half of Pentagon’s face. This would give Cage the advantage early in the match. Pentagon would mount a comeback and put Cage through a table in the corner with a Death Valley Driver after countering a rolling lariat from Cage. Pentagon would bring a chair into the ring and used it to put Cage down a few times. Cage would then make a comeback after catching Pentagon as he went for a kick from the ring apron, and powerbombed Pentagon into a guardrail on one of the bleachers.

Lots of weapons would be brought into the match, and two tables were set up outside of the ring next to the ring apron. This would lead to Cage suplexing Pentagon from inside the ring and out onto the floor, putting them through the tables. The match would continue, and another table was set up at ringside next to the ring apron. Pentagon would end up putting Cage through that table with a Death Valley Driver. After Cage got up from a nine-count, the match would head back inside the ring. He would then hit several moves on Pentagon to regain control of the match and then brought another table into the ring, as well as a cinder block. Pentagon would recover and hit a Mexican Destroyer onto Cage off the top rope through the table.

As Cage was down for the count, Pentagon would set up several chairs in the ring, leading to him hitting a Package Piledriver onto Cage through the chairs. After that, he would attack the left arm of Cage with chairs. After he broke the left arm of Cage, he proceeded to break the right arm of Cage. Cage would crawl on top of a cinder block, leading to Pentagon hitting a head stomp onto Cage and through the block, putting him down for the 10 count. The episode would end with Pentagon celebrating his victory.

Final Thoughts

I liked the angle with Catrina and Melissa before the opening match. It was something different and added some excitement to the episode. Pentagon Dark vs. Cage was a really fun match full of action and violence. That and the angle with Catrina and Melissa were the highlights of the show. Overall the episode was fine, but aside from the main event, it didn’t feel like anything worth going out of your way to see.

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