Another Big Name Star gone from Major Company

With the recent release of Samoa Joe from his TNA contract lastWWE Rey Mysterio Pic 1 week & the possibility of Joe making a big impact (no pun intended) in the indies scene, Ring of Honor or quite possibly Japan, Rey Mysterio was quietly moved to the Alumni section of this afternoon, likely has been or is about to be released from his contract.

Mysterio and WWE have been at odds for some time regarding his contractual status. There’s been talk for some time that he would be released before the end of this month.

Rising So Cal promotion Lucha Underground has made hints about an individual that “fans know well” in the past that would introduce Konnan to Prince Puma with Mysterio being the most likely candidate. If Mysterio ends up there, it reunites him with not only longtime friend Konnan but former WWE rival Alberto El Patron (fka Del Rio) along with other former WWE stars Johnny “Mundo” Morrison & “Big Ryck” Ezekiel Jackson on top of all the AAA Luchadors & So Cal stars.

It will also be a closer promotion for Mysterio to work with since he is from the San Diego area & would be roughly a 2 hour drive for him to make the trip. Even though we do know about Mysterio’s unfortuante injuries in the past, we do not know if its a possibility we’ll see Rey Mysterio in the ring or my take a manager role.

As more & more Internet Wrestling sites have picked up Mysterio’s possible departure from WWE today, I guess us in So Cal we’ll all have to wait & see what the future holds for Rey Mysterio. Lucha Underground again would be the ideal place for Mysterio to end up if not AAA in Mexico but maybe we’ll see the day he’ll make an appearance in another So Cal promotion but the question is who?

You can see Rey Mysterio’s profile in the WWE Alumni site on WWE Rey Mysterio Pic