[RECAP] LUCHA UNDERGROUND on February 25th 2015

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February 25th 2015
Boyle Heights, Ca

Welcome back everyone for your weekly Lucha Underground recap on the El Rey Network as I, Mike Draven will break down everything for you here on Socaluncensored.com.

As the show starts with their video package of the dominance from the Machine called Cage & at the end we’ll see Matanza finding her mysterious luchador she’s been looking for & next thing we know, we see a car driving somewhere in Downtown LA with a glimpse of her tied up in the trunk.

As Mariachi El Bronx playing in the temple, your commentating team of Matt Striker & Vampiro welcomes everyone to the temple for this weeks episode as they break down the match up later this evening as Cage faces Prince Puma & if Cage wins, he’s guaranteed a championship match against Puma.

Show kicks of with 2 favorites in the underground as Aerostar faces Drago 1 on 1. Not even into the first minute of action, Aerostar hits a springboard cross body on Drago on the outside to set the tempo for this match as the fans in attendance know they’re in for a fantastic match between these two.

Aerostar def Drago with a springboard splash in this action packed, fast paced traditional Lucha Libre match between these two fan favorite luchadors.

As both men show sportsmanship to each other, Dario Cueto comes out & is impressed with both men. Since both men hold a victory a piece, he wants more out of them. He would announced that Aerostar & Drago will have a Best of 5 series & the winner will receive one of Cueto’s “Unique” opportunities.

We would see a small video package or King Cuerno in the ring as he dives through the ropes as later in the evening, King Cuerno goes 1 on 1 with Johnny Mundo.

Cage vs Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma w/#1 contendership for Cage on the line:

Striker would say its been about a month since last time the fans of the temple has seen Prince Puma & conspicuous from his absence is Konnan since Cage did hurt Konnan since last time he was in the ring with Puma.

The Power of Cage is being tested by the speed of Puma in the hard match-up as Cage showed dominance in this match verse the much lighter Lucha Underground champion. Puma seemed loss in the match without the guidance from Konnan but he would show his resiliency & his no quit attitude against Cage. Eventually Konnan would make his return in the match as he tries to help out Prince Puma but in the end, Cage would hit “Weapon X” on Puma.

As Cage looks to cover Puma, he would continue to pummel Prince Puma until Konnan would throw in the towel to save Puma & thus giving Cage the win & a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship.

We would see Konnan talking to Prince Puma in the back as he tries to explain that what Konnan did, he did him a favor & tries to tell him that they need to regroup.

Sexy Star is in Dario Cueto’s office as she explains her frustration on how others have helped her in the past & due to the interference from The Crew, Pimpinela & Mascarita Segrada are in the hospital. She would say she doesn’t need help & wants a match. Cueto would give her a 1 on 1 match next week against Big Ryck & if she wins, she’ll get The Crew.

Pentagon Jr would go on to face Nor Cal star Vinny Massaro but as the match is about to begin, Pentagon would tell Ring Announcer Melissa Santos to announce to the fans that he dedicates his match to “His Master”.

Pentagon Jr def Vinny Massaro with a Driver Finisher. Afterwards, Pentagon would grab a table from under the ring & set it up in the ring. He would end up powerbombing Massaro through the table & slap on his Armbar Breaker which would end up giving Pentagon’s Master another sacrifice. Again, this move gets the crowd going & we would see a LA Laker Legend AC Green in shock from Pentagon’s maneuver.

Main Event-King Cuerno vs Johnny Mundo:
With the recent attacks on Mundo from Cuerno, Mundo is ready for this fight. They would go back & forth with Mundo hitting a Double Spinning Side flip to Cuerno on the outside to get the fans into the match. King Cuerno would go to work on Mundo injured leg that he inflicted in the past but Mundo would not let that stop him in this match.

As Mundo would connect with his “Moonlight Drive” neckbreaker, he was ready to finish off Cuerno with “End of Days”/”Starship Pain” finisher only to have Cuerno to send him to the outside & hit a couple of suicide dives on Mundo.

In the end, the match between King Cuerno & Johnny Mundo would end in a Double Countout but they would continue fighting all around the temple leading upstairs of the temple with both men going through a caged area.

We would see the same vehicle arrive to its destination as a masked wrestler would take Matanza out of the trunk of the car & simply say, “What do you know of Lucha Libre” as the show ends for the week.

Again, Lucha Underground continues to give the audience a different look of Lucha Libre in So Cal. All the matches were High Flying, Hard Hitting, Action Packed & would leave you speechless at times. If you’re still one of the people who hasn’t followed Lucha Underground, you need to ever Wednesday night on the El Ray network.

Match of the Night goes in this order:
Cage vs Prince Puma
King Cuerno vs Johnny Mundo
Aerostar vs Drago
Pentagon Jr vs Vinny Massaro

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