[RESULTS] KNOKX PRO “KNOKX VI” on February 21st 2015

Knokx ProKnokx 2-21-15 flyer
Knokx VI
The Domain
February 21st 2015
Sun Valley, Ca

Knokx Pro Annual Graduation Show Knokx VI starts off with the singing of the national anthem by Dani Bulot. A highlight reel of Rikishi’s career plays on the big screen and we are welcomed by none other than Black Pearl who then introduces the WWE Hall of Famer class of 2015 Jr Rikishi Fatu. Rikishi gets a standing ovation from the crowd and all the talent spills out onto the stage to celebrate this great moment in pro wrestling history.

Snypes (w/ Devious Bear) def Eyez in Disguise with the interference of Bear1622462_724884380943411_2984223226132808096_o

Outlaw Stu hits the ring and challenges anybody in the back and is answered by Tuna.

Outlaw Stu def Tuna

Stu then offers another open challenge to anybody in the back this time we see Holiday Holidead come out.

Holiday Holidead def Outlaw Stu

6 Man Tag Team Match:
D Run, FreekShow & Dagger def Parker Grieves, TMD, and Primal1524171_725184527580063_1673159091032417048_o

Urban Empire Championship:
El Presidente def Otto Von Clutch (w/Maverick) to retain the championship

“Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu VS Money Money Montes ended in a No Contest with Toko the Maniac coming out and putting both men out with a double chokeslam

European Crusierweight Championship:
Maverick (w/Otto Von Clutch) def “VIP” Vincenzo Iosefa Parisi to retain the championship

Knokx VI then closes out the night with the graduation ceremony which see’s the Graduates of the Beginners program Dagger, Tuna, Eric Sosa, Devious Bear, FreekShow, Toko the Maniac, Snypes and Otto Von Clutch. Graduate of the referee program10506736_725637744201408_6118792993447508083_o Paul Skiles. Advanced graduates D Run, Holidead, VIP. This year the wrestler of the year award went out to 2 men El Presidente and Jacob Fatu. Knokx Pro had a very special award this year, the Courage award which was given to CJ Magana, accepted by his mother Juanita Magana.

Credit: Knokx Pro
Photo Credit: Thrash Photos
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