Maverick Pro Releases Statement on Their Future

After the abrupt cancelation of their June 23 event, Maverick Pro has been largely silent on their future. Originally when the June 23 event was canceled the promotion had said that all of their future events, including the scheduled events in Las Vegas in August and September, would be going on as planned. Though the promotion hadn’t made a formal announcement, we had learned last week that the promotion had been advising wrestlers who were booked for those events that they would be canceled. Tonight the promotion has released a statement to on the future of Maverick Pro.

Maverick Pro deeply regrets last month’s cancellation of Heatwave 2018. We assure fans that our decision to forego the show was not done lightly and was only done to a personal family matter. In the interest of full disclosure, we will share that our owner received the unfortunate news that a member of his immediate family was diagnosed with cancer. At that point, the decision was made to cancel the show to attend to this personal matter for the sake of his family.

Maverick Pro will continue to move forward in the coming months; the promotion will be going back to its roots to provide fans with thrilling action both inside and outside the ring featuring the best SoCal area talents. As ownership focuses its attention on their family’s medical situation, our plans to expand to Vegas are on hold for the foreseeable future.

To those fans who have stuck by us since the beginning, we humbly thank you; we would be nothing without you. To those who are skeptical or have not yet checked us out, we implore you to give us a chance to entertain you.

Stay tuned for our upcoming schedule

The June 23 Maverick Pro event was canceled on June 21, after plane tickets had already been purchased for all of the non-local wrestlers. Sabu was already on his flight when the cancelation occurred. With the cancelation on short notice we were told that all wrestlers were still going to be paid in full and all fans would be refunded. We have confirmed with a number of wrestlers that they were indeed paid for the canceled event. Not all fans have been issued refunds yet however. The promotion is stating that Event Groove, who they sold tickets through, is causing the delay and they are still working on finalizing the refunds.

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