Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 4: Pain, Love, and Sacrifice to the Gods Review

This week on Lucha Underground, Chavo Guerrero Jr. faces King Cuerno, Matanza makes a sacrifice, Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe face off, and more.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 4: Pain, Love, and Sacrifice to the Gods

We start with a recap of past events featuring scenes from previous episodes. The majority of it centered around Catrina and Antonio Cueto. After the recap, Catrina walked into a room where Fenix was in a casket with candles surrounding it. After giving Fenix a kiss of death, a red dress appeared on Catrina, and then she left the room.

At the Ice Temple, Melissa Santos is crying backstage as she’s looking at photos of her and Fenix on her phone. Catrina walked up to Melissa and said he gave his life for the woman he truly loved, which was her. Catrina then gave Melissa half of the amulet, saying it kept her alive, but now she doesn’t need it since she has her life-force back.

Inside the Ice Temple, Mariachi El Bronx play as Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show. They mention that Famous B had his ankle broken thanks to Jake Strong and that his leg might be amputated. You can send him get well wishes by calling 423-Get-Fame.

Big Bad Steve w/ Beautiful Brenda vs. Jake Strong

Jake Strong spent most of the match beating up Big Bad Steve. It ended when Jake Strong made him tap to an Ankle Lock. After the match and outside of the ring, Jake delivered a Gut Wrench Powerbomb to Big Bad Steve.

After a commercial break, we are back at the Ice Temple as Mariachi El Bronx played. Inside his office, Antonio Cueto was having a conversation with King Cuerno. He asked him about the location of the Gauntlet of the Gods. Cuerno informed him that it was stolen from him after he stole it from Mil Muertes. Cuerno then implied that Mil stole might’ve stolen it back. Antonio offered Cuerno a chance to win a match for an ancient Aztec medallion of his tribe against the man who eliminated him in Aztec Warfare, Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

During the conversation, Cage walked into the office and talked about his attack on Pentagon Dark last week. Cage then asked Antonio to let him finish the job tonight. Antonio told him that just because he attacked Pentagon Dark doesn’t mean he gets a championship match. He then offered him a match to earn a title shot and a medallion against Mil Muertes next week. Back inside the Ice Temple, Mariachi El Bronx finished up their song as we went to the next match.

Reptile Tribe (Daga & Kobra Moon) vs. Worldwide Underground (Taya & Johnny Mundo)

The match started off with Taya and Daga countering each other’s offense. After getting dropkicked in the face, Taya tagged out to Johnny Mundo. Mundo would get the better of Daga during their sequence before Daga tagged out to Kobra Moon. Daga and Kobra would hit some double team offense on Mundo and began to control the match. Eventually, Mundo would mount a comeback and tagged in Taya. The two attempted to double team Daga, but Daga was able to move out of the way of a superkick attempt from Mundo, who caught Taya instead.

Later in the match, PJ Black ran in and attacked Kobra Moon from behind after she got an advantage on Taya. This allowed Taya to hit Kobra Moon with a curb stomp to get the win for Worldwide Underground. After the match, Vibora entered the ring as Worldwide Underground celebrated. He proceeded to take out all three members of Worldwide Underground. Vibora would finish his attack by hitting a Chokeslam on Mundo, followed by a standing moonsault. After the attack, the Reptile Tribe held PJ and Taya in a hold while Kobra Moon told Mundo he will call her queen as Mundo watched at ringside.

We then see Antonio entering a locked room. Inside the room, we see a silhouette of a man tied up and being beaten by Matanza Cueto. Antonio walked up to Matanza and told him it was time for his first sacrifice.

After a commercial break, we are back at the Ice Temple as Mariachi El Bronx are finishing up a song. Melissa introduces Mr. Pectacular, who was in the ring. Antonio Cueto walked out and told him that for the first time ever, there’s going to be a Sacrifice To The Gods. Antonio told him he is the sacrifice, and the god is Matanza.

Sacrifice To The Gods: Mr. Pectacular vs. Matanza Cueto

Matanza hit the ring and defeated Mr. Pectacular in a very quick match. After the match, the lights went out for a brief moment. When they came back on, Mr. Pectacular was gone as Matanza stood in the ring as we went to commercial break.

Inside the Ice Temple, Melissa Santos introduced the main event as referee Marty Elias held up an accent Aztec medallion.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. King Cuerno

Chavo would start the match off by hitting a tope suicida on Cuerno during his entrance. He would control things outside of the ring for several moments before throwing Cuerno back into the ring. This would allow Cuerno to recover and hit a counter dropkick on Chavo as he went for a crossbody from off the top rope. The match would go back outside of the ring where the two brawled around the Ice Temple. During this part of the match, Cuerno would hit a crossbody splash from the bleachers before the match went back inside the ring.

After hitting Cuerno with a Superplex, Chavo Guerrero gained control of the match and worked over Cuerno. Chavo would remove a turnbuckle pad and tried to utilize it, but Cuerno would fight him off and avoid being driven into the steel turnbuckle. After sending Chavo flying out of the ring with a flying knee, Cuerno would hit a tope suicida onto Chavo. The closing moments of the match saw Chavo grabbing referee Marty Elias as Cuerno had him in a Fireman’s Carry. Chavo would use the distraction to go for the Three Amigos, but Cuerno countered and put him away with his finishing move to get the win. The episode ends with Cuerno celebrating his victory.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty weak episode of Lucha Underground. The match scenes weren’t as good as the ones in previous episodes, but the Worldwide Underground vs. Reptile Tribe was okay. The acting on this show was pretty corny as always, and the stories weren’t compelling this week. So far this was the weakest episode of the season.

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