A Recap of TNA: Bound For Glory Oct. 20th 2013

Shot Of The Night - TNA - 10-20-13

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of TNA Wrestling’s “Bound For Glory” PPV at the Viejas Arena inside San Diego State University on October 20th 2013. To the best of my knowledge, some people were moved to fill the empty seats at the major camera positions. Otherwise, they filled the floor, and about half of the available elevated seats; though keep in mind that there are a lot more elevated seats at Viejas Arena compared to the UC Irvine Bren Events Center, where the 2009 BFG PPV was held. A good number of people at the PPV were coming off of the previous night’s PWG show. Willie Mack was also there, probably scouting out Samoa Joe in preparation for the Non-televised CWFH “Open Door Challenge” main event on 11/3 at the Commerce Casino.

Special thanks to Steve Carrier at NoDQ.com for some of the match details, since I don’t fully follow what’s been happening in TNA up to this PPV.

P – Spike TV “Countdown to Glory” Pre-show match. Entrant order was: 1-Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian), 2-Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez, 3-Eric Young & Joseph Park, 4-BroMans (Robbie E & Jesse Godderz, w/ Mr. Olympia) * Elimination 1: Bad Influence def. Chavo & Hernandez when Kazarian pushed Chavo off the top rope to thwart a Frog Splash attempt, and Daniels rolled Chavo up for the pin. * Elimination 2: Eric Young & Joseph Park def. Bad Influence when Eric Young p. Daniels with Joseph Park’s Fallaway Slam. Bad Influence did a post-bell beatdown that included laying out Joseph Park with an Irish Whip into the Ultimate-X structure, and he had to be helped to the back. * Final elimination: 2-on-1 handicap was too much for Eric Young, and he was pinned when Robbie E & Jesse Godderz hit their version of the Hart Attack. Winners: The BroMans

1 – Ultimate-X Match for the TNA X-Division Championship between Manik (f.k.a. T.J. Perkins), Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin (w/ Velvet Sky), & Samoa Joe. Great action for an Ultimate-X match, especially when it became a ladder match when the lone ladder was brought out by Jeff Hardy. Chris Sabin used Velvet Sky as a source of distraction, particularly on Jeff Hardy, to beat him to the climb up the ladder, and grab the title before Manik can get there while traversing the hanging ropes.

* It was noted that something was going on backstage when Eric Young was looking for Joseph Park after the pre-show match. A bloody handprint on the wall hinted at something, and when Bad Influence was cutting a promo about the pre-show match outcome, Eric Young told then that “You awakened a monster.” Apparently, Joseph Park is Abyss again, because he came out, and laid both Christopher Daniels & Kazarian out with the Black Hole Slam.

2 – TNA Tag Team Title Match between James Storm & Gunner, and The BroMans. Great action all around, and Mr. Olympia didn’t get involved. I wasn’t sure how James Storm got the bloodied right leg, although some from other sources believe he did it when he slapped the said thigh too hard to help sell a striking move. Otherwise, Robbie E & Jesse Godderz were able to take Gunner out of the fight, then hit their team finisher on James Storm for the title-clinching pin.

* TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony next, where Sting was in the ring to formally induct Kurt Angle. However, for some reason, likely out of respect, Kurt Angle declined.

3 – Triple Threat Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship between ODB, Gail Kim, & Brooke Tessmacher of “Aces & Eights”. Great action between the trio, then Lei’D Tapa came out, distracted then laid out ODB, then caught Brooke’s crossbody attempt, powerbombed her into the ring, and Gail Kim covered Brooke for the title-clinching pin. And then, Lei’D Tapa helped Gail Kim up, and both of them celebrated together!

4 – Bobby Roode p. Kurt Angle Excellent back-and-forth action, complete with plenty of submission holds, where neither men refused to tap out. Apparently, Kurt Angle’s Super-Angle Slam knocked the wind out of him, and that resulted in Bobby getting the cover while beating the 10-count by the referee–who I believe was Shane Hebner–for the pin. Medical personnel on hand went to stretcher Kurt out, but he got up, and walked to the back under his own power.

5 – Ethan Carter III (f.k.a. WWE’s Derek Bateman) made his debut, and squashed Norv Pernum (b.k.a. “Pretty” Peter Avalon) EC3’s finisher is pretty much his version of the STO/DDT that CWFH’s El Ridiculoso uses for his finisher.

SM – Magnus def. Sting in a battle between Main Event Mafia members Good battle between the two while trading similar moves and holds, but it was Magnus who had the final say with the Texas Cloverleaf submission for the tapout.

M – No-DQ TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between “Aces & Eights” President Bully Ray (w/ Brooke Tessmacher), & A.J. Styles This match probably had the best-storytelling of the PPV card, with other members of the “Aces & Eights”–first Garrett Bischoff, then Knux–getting involved. Things looked kinda bleak for A.J. Styles when he crashed & burned into a table next to Mike Tenay & Taz at the commentary table, and the extra time allowed Bully Ray time to expose a section of the ring’s wooden foundation (turns out that it was sped up when Taz handed Bully Ray a cutter). Otherwise, there was no further outside involvement until Dixie Carter came out, handed Bully Ray a steel chair, then distracted Referee Earl Hebner after Styles hit the Springboard 450. Styles Clash doesn’t work on the bigger Bully Ray, but a Pele Kick lays him out. 1 point to Dixie, then a Spiral Tap later, A.J. Styles scored the title-clinching pin to send the fans in attendance into a frenzy, especially when Styles went to the seats, leaving Dixie in total dismay.

Shot Of The Night - TNA - 10-20-13

Shot Of The Night – TNA – 10-20-13

ALL FOUR TNA TITLES CHANGING HANDS: New World Heavyweight Champion: A.J. Styles New X-Division Champion: Chris Sabin New Tag Team Champions: The BroMans–Robbie E & Jesse Godderz New Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

It’s hard to fully gauge the fun factor of this year’s Bound For Glory compared to PWG the previous night, but it certainly seemed like one of the better TNA cards in terms of overall energy, and the overall card looked better than the 2009 edition in Irvine. I’ll hand the “Match of the Night” honor to the Bully Ray/A.J. Styles match, followed by the Roode/Angle match, then the Ultimate X match. Not sure what storylines will follow in TNA after this BFG PPV, but for TNA fans, it should be interesting.

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