A Recap of PWG: Matt Rushmore Oct. 19th 2013

Shot of the Night - PWG - 10-19-13

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s  “Matt Rushmore” at American Legion Post #308, Reseda, October 19th 2013.  Another capacity crowd filled the place on the night before TNA “Bound For Glory”.

1 – B-Boy & Willie Mack def. PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) Very strong opener ended with B-Boy finishing off Ray Rosas with a four-move combo–Roundhouse Kick, Superkick, Shining Wizard, then the Brainbuster for the pin.

2 – Kevin Steen p. ACH with the Sleeper Suplex into the Package Piledriver Steen did alot of verbal jabbing at the fans who were against him, then did 2 more Package Piledrivers on ACH after the bell.

3 – Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta) def. Rich Swann & AR Fox By now, you’re wondering what’s with the “anomaly” in the photo gallery on Facebook? The answer is this: when I took a photo of Chuck Taylor sitting with the fans while Trent Baretta worked to wear down AR Fox, he took my camera, took two photos of Trent in the ring, then took a photo of himself before handing it back to me. Otherwise, a great match that ended with Chuck Taylor pinning AR Fox with the Awful Waffle.

4 – Fatal four-way. Drake Younger def. Brian Cage, Anthony Nese, & Tommaso Ciampa Maybe “Legion Larry” should send Drake the bill for the electrical repairs, if not a new light bulb, after he knocked out one of the lamps doing an aerial cluster move from the corner. Anyhow, there was alot of action in this match, but Drake got the last laugh, laying out everyone before finishing off Tommaso Ciampa with Drake’s Landing for the pin.

5 – Johnny Gargano made Roderick Strong tapout to the Garga-No Escape This one was probably the most technical match in the card. Gargano essentially prevented Roddy from locking in the Stronghold submission throughout the match, out brawling and out wrestling him in the latter stages.

Shot of the Night - PWG - 10-19-13

Shot of the Night – PWG – 10-19-13

SM – The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) def. Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae for another successful defense of the PWG Tag Team Championship Despite their recent “bad blood”, Joey & Candice were able to set their differences aside to go against some common foes. However, the brothers would have nothing of it, adding in some new bag of tricks along the way, including a Double-Superkick to combo it into a Spike Tombstone Piledriver, then finished off Candice with “More Bang For Your Buck”.

M – Adam Cole p. Kyle O’Reilly for another successful defense of the PWG World Championship Very even match until the rest of the “Mt. Rushmore of Pro Wrestling” got involved–first The Young Bucks, then Steen. It was Steen who got the last laugh, laying out Referee Rick Knox, then hit the Package Piledriver on Kyle O’Reilly. Adam barely got the cover as Referee Justin Borden ran in for the 3-count.

Post-match beatdown on Kyle O’Reilly followed, then they neutralized Rich Swann & AR Fox, then the rest of the wrestlers in the back ran the super-stable off. In closing, Johnny Gargano issued his challenge to Adam Cole for the title at the next PWG show.

5-star matches top-to-bottom, although the main event outcome could’ve been a bit better. With Johnny Gargano gunning for Adam Cole’s PWG title, it’ll be interesting to see if that has an effect on a potential semifinal or final match at WCA’s “Race for the Ring” Tourney on 12/7. I’ll give my choice for “Match of the Night” to the Gargano/Strong match, followed by the Four-way, then the Tag Team Title Match. Wrestler of the night? I’ll give that to Johnny Gargano.

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