Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 352 Review


Scorpio and Kevin Condron and their entourage are interviewed and apparently are tag team partners against Bad Dude Tito and Ray Rosas to start the show. I’m excited for this matchup!

 Ray Rosas and Bad Dude Tito vs. Scorpio Sky and Kevin Condron

The announcers mention all the superlatives of the show, saying that all of the matches on this episode are main event quality. This is a good start. Tito and Kevin start things off. Kevin, with his longest scarf yet, ran away for a bit. He then bailed after throwing some garments at Tito. Scorpio couldn’t handle Tito’s strength in the match, so Scorpio ran from Ray and tagged Kevin back in. Ray caught Kevin in a nice atomic drop, inverted atomic drop, and then a double leg drop. Scorpio got tagged in but Ray just went on a run on him, hitting him with multiple moves. Ray got distracted and then ran into the post. We then go to commercial.

Kevin is beating on Ray when we get back. There were lots of double teams on Ray, all focusing on his arm.  Ray was really feeling it.

Ray was beat on for quite a while here, and even the announcers thought there was significant damage. Scorpio and Ray got in a tug of war and then start just wailing on each other while holding each other’s left hand. Ray finally got the tag in and Tito cleared house. Tito hit both guys so hard in the corners that the ring moved a few inches.  He nailed a massive suplex on both guys at once. Ray cleared the ring and Tito goes for Fade to Black, but Kevin’s assistant distracted him and Kevin rolled Tito up and held his tights for the win.

This was a really fun opener.

Spirit and the Stars are going to have a mask versus mask match against the Rancheros. They talked about tradition and fighting for what is right. Espiritu gets especially pumped up, speaking half in Spanish and half in English. He got his point across in both languages.

Uptown Andy Brown vs. Willie Mack 

This should be a great match with two super athletic and charismatic wrestlers. The announcers mentioned how good Andy is. They also talked about Willie’s return and his storied history and championship reign at CWFH. Willie did his hip swinging dance from back in the day, even telling his fans, “hey I’m back here, you know I gotta do that!” The match started off with a pretty quick pace, especially since this is a first time match up between the two. Both of these guys were just killing it. A “both these guys” chant started. Andy nailed a beautiful dropkick that allowed him to take control for a bit but Willie came back fast and did an inverted cannonball in the corner. They then go to commercial.

Andy was in control after the commercial and did his cartwheel off the apron into the superkick combo. Willie answered off the ropes with a leg lariat that was so athletic it got a loud pop from the crowd. Willie stalked Andy and hit him with a heavy rolling heel kick that connected heavily. Also a nipple twister, but I think it woke up Andy for a second and the pace picked up. Willie went for his senton moonsault combo, but couldn’t connect. Andy hit him with a lunging forearm and got going but Willie nails a nice draping lungblower that stopped him in his tracks.

Things went back and forth, but Andy nailed a spinebuster for a near 3 count. Andy looked like he’s stalking Willie, going for his rolling cutter, but it was countered by Willie this time with his Samoan drop moonsault. This set up Andy for his stunner, so Willie then goes up and nails a Five Star Frog Smash to take it.

This match is a must see. It was highly competitive, had a good flow, near falls, and possible match of the night candidate so far. Both of these guys should be on TV more often, and I hope to see them match up again in the future.

Howdy and Friends Interview

Howdy Price and the Rancheros are interviewed. Howdy threw down a promo about how he’s got a new Caddy and he’s going to have his boys get them masks so he can put them on his new car. It’s entertaining.

Nick Aldis is interviewed

They talked about it him being on a crusade. Next week he will be defending the belt. This will be nice, since most of the fans want him to lose it.

Spirit and the Stars vs. Los Rancheros – Mask versus Mask Match

Howdy’s mic fails, but it did manage to catch him screaming like a woman when the Stars dive bombed the Rancheros through the ropes to start the match. Astro nails a springboard moonsault to the floor. The Stars hit some double team moves, but it didn’t last long.  The Rancheros really are powerful, and displayed it in this match. Rogelico and Raul looked brutal with a double team that launched Espiritu into the air and then slammed him on the way down into the mat.  They even worked on tearing Astro’s mask off during the middle portion of it. Astro took most of the abuse in this one. Raul had a devastating backbreaker variation over the shoulder. If anyone has a name for that move, please leave something in the comments! Espiritu nails his ECD, and get ready to do a double team move, but he gets distracted at by Howdy, and it gave Rogelio and Raul  enough time to spike piledriver Astro.

After some resistance, the Stars take their masks off. It’s Fidel Bravo and Adrian Quest! It’s no wonder those luchadores were so talented, yet familiar. Fidel then goes to embrace Adrian, but then just beats him down, breaking up any thoughts of these guys continuing in the tag division. It looks like Fidel either snapped from removing his mask, or he planned on moving forward as a singles competitor. He apparently wants all eyes on him.

Final Thoughts 

This was a solid show. There were only three matches but they were good all around. The show had a good length, advanced some stories and had a nice return from Willie Mack. The announcers mentioned that we’d be seeing the final of the PP3 Cup next week, so that is something to look forward to as well. This hour went by quickly when watching it. It feels like CWFH is on a roll.

Don’t take my word for it, watch this episode on the FITE TV app. They are easy to digest, one hour shows, and are free to stream. New episodes air on FITE TV at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time on Sundays. You can also catch CWFH on KDOC in the Los Angeles/Orange County Area on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.