UEW “Sovereign of Slaughter 3” – 27 January 2018 – Quick Results

Carnage defeated Corporal Robinson in a Nails Tied to the Ropes and Everything Goes deathmatch to win UEW’s Sovereign of Slaughter 3 deathmatch tournament on January 27. Click for full results.

Underground Empire Wrestling
Sovereign of Slaughter 3
January 27, 2018
Santa Ana Elks Lodge
Santa Ana, CA

Insainac won an over the top battle royal.

Corporal Robinson over Matt Twisted in a fans bring the weapons deathmatch.

Shlak over Neil Diamond Cutter in a Pane in the Glass deathmatch.

BC Killer over Fern Owens in a Barbed Wire Fists Cinderblock deathmatch.

Carnage over Gweedo and Insaniac in a Feel the Burn deathmatch. Gweedo was set on fire and took the pin.

Max X over Sage Sin in a 3 Circles of Hell match.
-Sage Sin won the first fall in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Max X won the second fall in a Pumpkin Patch deathmatch. Max X submitted Sage Sin in the third fall. Sage Sin has to leave UEW.

Carnage over Corporal Robinson in a Nails Tied to the Ropes and Everything Goes deathmatch to win the tournament.

After the main event Fern Owens attacked Carnage and Corporal Robinson came back out for the save. Fern Owens will defend the UEW Title against Corporal Robinson in an Anything Goes match on March 24.

Credit: Charles Musick

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