Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Ep. 336: Dogvember 2017 Pt. 2

The best and most awesome CWFH review on the internet continues its celebration of dogs with Dogvember Pt. 2! Plus the usual CWFH babbling.

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And now, Dogvember continues!

We start with Loquasto and Galli sitting at ringside going over what we’re going to see on the show. This was how they should be doing it. I always say they need intros like that, and they did it. Good job, CWFH. You finally listened to me.

The show starts off with the fake Marquez son rambling about having “one more.’ There were nine guys randomly in the ring for a Battle Royal. Brian Cage came out and is now a member of the Office.

Battle Royal: Brian Cage Lucas Riley, Jake Atlas, The Classic Connection, Mikey O’Shea, D’Marco Wilson, Steve Tresario, Kwip Sullivan, Guy Cool

Everyone, including the Classic Connection (who are Office members) attacking Brian Cage. The fake crowd noise was loud and distracting. Cage eliminated everyone, and the match came down to Cage vs. the Classic Connection. They’re all Office members I guess and they’re fighting each other. Great booking, CWFH. Cage won. What a waste of time and a terrible way to re-introduce Brian Cage to the show.

Backstage after a commercial, some girl interviews Pac 3. Their open challenge was supposedly answered by some random tag team champions from Las Vegas. After that, Alvarez and Dice come out. Then Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) came out and cut a lame promo.

Alonzo Alvarez & Ziggy Dice vs. Los Rancheros (Rogelio [Che Cabrera] & Raul [Rico Dynamite]) w/ Howdy Price (Dino Winwood)

This was a tag team match. Not bad. Not great. It was what it was. CWFH is obviously trying to get the H.A.T.E guys over with a bad gimmick, so their match served its purpose. This was more competitive than I thought it would be, but the result was predictable. H.A.T.Echaeros won with a Spike Piledriver. I wrote that before it happened not knowing the finish, and it happened like that.

So far we’ve had a Battle Royal and a tag match in less than 20 minutes. So far nothing has really been accomplished on this show.

Matt Knicks vs. Kevin Condron

There was a nice opening sequence with Knicks on offense in the first minute. Then Condron took over, slowed it down, and worked a hold. During the match, they mention that the Freelance Champion Stevie Fierce is facing Tito Escondido in a Title vs. Title match. What the fuck kind of way is that to announce a Title vs. Title match? So yeah, the match. Knicks got comeback and beat Condron. This was okay.

Post match shenanigans: Some girl interviews Condron at ringside. He cut a promo about being a snowflake.The guy in the PPA ALL DAY shirt looked bored during this. He was the best part of this promo. We’re told that we have women’s wrestling next. Yippie.

After a commercial, a promo with footage of Dicky Mayer in Japan is played. I guess his gimmick is that he’s “American Lightning” now. No further comments from me.

Mazzerati vs. Ray Lyn (w/ Dylan Bostic)

During Mazzerati entrance, Joe Galli made a shitty pun about horsepower. Mazzerati was solid on offense, but the match layout was terrible. She’d get some offense in, then Ray Lyn would cut her off and sold like Mazzerati offense was weak. The only time she really sold was when she hurt herself by missing on an elbow drop. Awful. The match ended when Ray poked Mazzerati in the eyes, then hit an Ace Crusher for the win. This was terrible.

United Wrestling Network Tag Team Championship Match: Pac 3 (Dylan Bostic & Dan Joseph w/ Water Clarence & Coach Flexo) vs. Chris Bey & Nino Black

Aside from Bey’s offense and him taking a body slam on the floor, the this match was dull. It slowed down after a decent start, and Bey ended up playing Ricky Morton. You know what older wrestling fans say, “that’s how ya do rasslin right kid 80s American Southern style formula bullshit.” Fuck this archaic style bullshit. The fake crowd noise didn’t even care for this match. Why should they?

Bey got a mildly chilly tag from Nino Black. He got some offense, but was cut off. Pac 3 started beating up Nino on the outside, and then Bey hit a Tope Con Giro. Nino was about to win the match for his team, but as usual, Pac 3 shenanigans allowed Bostic to hit Nino in the nuts. Pac 3 won, and I yell at my TV because I made the choice to watch this garbage show.

Final Thoughts

This show was really boring and mostly pointless. No major angles were advanced, and no matches were built up to. Nothing. Just a bunch of predictable matches. Want to see something more exciting than anything on this show? Check this video below. It was the Beagle MOTY for 2015 and was rated ******3/4. Kenny Omega, eat your heart out.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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