Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 328 Review: Steve throws chairs!

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On this episode of CWFH, we hear more about a CZW angle than we do CWFH angles. Plus Steve Wilkos throwing chairs!

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Guess how this show starts? If you’re a regular reader, you probably said “with a boring backstage promo.” We start off with Josh Shibata interviewing Peter Avalon backstage. He tried talking about his match with Joe Gacy. Peter was interrupted by Gacy himself. Joe Gacy cut a decent promo, but it felt like such a flat segment since there was no energy. Peter referenced a storyline in CZW where DEEJ is being petty and fired Gacy from CZW. He did a better job at bringing up another company’s angle than this show does its own. Video intro.

The commentary guys mentioned Peter Avalon vs. Joe Gacy in the main event before he next match. That’s a good thing since we clearly know what is happening in the main event. Good job, creative team. Get your boy over.

The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) vs. Aerial Instinct (Jake Atlas & Lucas Riley)

The young, local upstarts that CWFH should be building up, Atlas and Riley, got the jobber treatment. No entrance for them. They were in the ring. Guess what happens to them in the match? The Bonus Boys are like a less exciting version of the Suburban Commandos.  As for the match, Aerial Instinct got squashed. The Bonus Boyz had basic small-heavyweight offense. They were in control for most of the match before they won.

Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) came out during this match. The commentary guys made fat jokes about him. I have no problem with fat jokes when they’re funny. Joe Galli and Jonny Loquasto (who is a stand up comedian) aren’t funny though. I’m no Richard Pryor or anything, but those guys are just awful. They need to take their shitty material to some shitty local news station in Palmdale and keep it there.

Post match shenanigans: Bonus Boyz are interviewed by Grant. I yelled “FUCK!” out of anger and almost threw my phone. Less than seven minutes into this show and I already hate this episode. The Bonus Boyz cut a decent promo, and they accepted an open challenge from the Pac 3. The two guys in the aisle seats sitting front row were unimpressed.

Once again, CWFH advertises Alberto El Parton as Del Rio. Either he has legal rights, or David Marquez doesn’t seem to be afraid of WWE’s lawyers. Does Jerry S. McDevitt still work for Vince?

Ray Lyn (w/ Dylan Bostic) vs. Jessica Troy

Ray Lyn and Dylan Bostic are officially ripping off the South Pacific Power Couple’s gimmick. From the excessive P.D.A. all the way down to Bostic interfering in Ray Lyn’s matches. Ugh.

This match was boring. The commentators mentioned Ray Lyn beating Ruby Raze. They didn’t really touch on Kevin Condron interfering. Loquasto said Ray Lyn is the type of girl who gets into fights at clubs just to be on WorldStarHipHop. I cringed hard at that line. Ray Lyn won after some shenanigans involving Bostic. After the match they did P.D.A. because having Ruby Raze come out to look for revenge on her would’ve made too much sense.

Taking Care (a.k.a. D.J. Hyde cuts terrible promos)

Backstage, Joshua Shibata is scheduled to interview Brody King. Instead D.J. Hyde walks in and says Brody isn’t going to be there. DEEJ said he’s been “taken care of” and won’t be in the World Heritage Invitational finals. DEEJ used the term “taken care” or “took care” four times in two sentences. There’s no mention of Devin Sparks either. DEEJ rambles on about something about Ray Rosas. I guess there’s something between them next week. Holy shit. This was a terrible, incoherent promo.

Triple Threat Match: Scorpio Sky vs. Andy Brown vs. Suede Thompson

This was a pretty good match. It got pretty formulaic early on, with Brown and Thompson going at it while Sky was down. Eventually Sky hit a Tope Con Giro and was in control of the match. Sky had really good strikes here when he worked over Brown and Thompson in the corners. So many guys in wrestling don’t use real technique, and often times do the stupid “leg slap” gimmick. Sky kept it realistic and it looked cool.

There were references to Sky’s feud with Big Duke and Rocky Romero. Sky did the “Azucar” thing Rocky does. Little things like that go a long way. There were more spots as the match progressed, but the fake crowd noise really brought it down. Suede got the win after hitting a rip-chord Death Valley Driver on Andy Brown.

The commentators said Sky was looking to be “sending a message” in this match to Duke and Romero. The only message being sent here is that the creative team is fucking dumb and did Sky no favors here. Sure, he didn’t take the pin, but he still could’ve used momentum to build him up. I mean, the commentary team did say he wants the TV title back. Sadly, CWFH doesn’t know shit about booking credible title contenders.

Peter Avalon (w/ the fake Marquez son) vs. Joe Gacy

Before the match, the commentators mentioned D.J. Hyde’s angle with Joe Gacy in CZW. It got mentioned more than the Ruby Raze vs. Kevin Condron angle or Ray Rosas’ feud with Peter on this episode. They did mention Devin Sparks randomly, saying he’s facing Tito for the title now.

Gacy attacked Peter at the start of the match, and the fans were pretty into it. Then it slowed down for awhile after turning into a Flair-style 80’s style match with Peter trying to be like Ric Flair. Peter was bumping hard for Gacy on basic stuff, selling heavily, and playing to the crowd.

This match was really heavy on basic strikes, restholds, and a slow-paced match. Gacy made a comeback and things evened out in the finishing stretch. Gacy hit a Handspring onto the ropes into an Ace Crusher followed by the Rings of Saturn. DEEJ came out to distract Gacy and the ref. This allowed Peter to go over. Wonderful to see CWFH using their TV time to put over a fucking CZW angle that the audience of this show won’t know about.

Final Thoughts

The Triple Threat match was good, but the wrong guy went over. Everything else on this show was really boring. Same complaints as usual. There were some decent things, but overall this episode was just another boring episode of CWFH.

After I wrote my article on why CWFH sucks, Steve Bryant and I had a chat about the show’s storytelling issues. While I bash CWFH for being inconsistent, I never bring up the behind-the-scene reasons why things are the way they are. He ended up saying the best way to fix the issue is to just focus on having great matches. It’s a great idea, but we know David Marquez won’t go for it.

Now the grand finale.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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