Blood Bros. Pro “2017 SoCal Crimson Cup” – 19 August 2017 – Results

At the first ever SoCal Crimson Cup, Homeless Jimmy defeated Masada in a No Rope Fans Bring The Weapons Tanky’s Twisted Toolshed Deathmatch in the finals to win the tournament on August 19th. Click for full results.

Blood Bothers Pro Wrestling
SoCal Crimson Cup
August 19, 2017
VFW #10040
Sun Valley, CA


Messiah over Bobby Hollywood in an impromptu Deathmatch. Kyle Wylde made the 3 count.

SoCal Crimson Cup First Round:

Chuey Martinez and Homeless Jimmy over Moshpit Mike and Ref of Death Guido in a Reefer Madness Deathmatch.

Sage Sin and Carnage over Max X and Aidan Blackhart in a Gunz and Roses Deathmatch.

John Wayne Murdoch and BC Killer over Drew Chaos and Ray Basura in a Summertime Suicide Deathmatch.

JD Horror and Masada over Adam Bueller and Bobby Hollywood (replacing Neil Diamond Cutter) in a BYOB Taipei Deathmatch.


Homeless Jimmy over BC Killer, John Wayne Murdoch, and Chuey Martinez in a Beds of Brutality Fatal Four Way Elimination Deathmatch.

Masada over JD Horror, Sage Sin, and Carnage in a Samhain Savagery Fatal Four Way Elimination Deathmatch.
-After the match, it was announced that this was JD Horror’s final match in SoCal.

UEW Heavyweight Title Match: Fern Owens over El Chupacabra and Neil Diamond Cutter in an Underground Rules match to retain the title.
-Neil Diamond Cutter had been having car issues, thus he arrived late to the show and placed in this match.

Crimson Cup Finals:

Homeless Jimmy over Masada in a No Rope Fans Bring The Weapons Tanky’s Twisted Toolshed Deathmatch.

Credit: Chris Duncan

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