Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 324 Review: Stranger Slam 2!

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Two huge rematches this week with Tito Escondido vs. Peter Avalon for the Hollywood Heritage Championship, and Joe Heiken vs.the General Public! Click for the fun!

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We start with Joshua Shibata interviewing Tito Escondido. He’s facing Peter Avalon in the main event. Tito was going to cut a promo but was cut off by the fake Marquez son and Peter Avalon. Peter got in Tito’s face and said words. After that we got the video intro.

D’Marco Wilson vs. Tristan Archer

This started out with D’Marco getting the better of Archer early in the match. He got in some offense before Archer made a comeback. He started doing a mock “U.S.A.” chant because CWFH thinks booking foreign workers as heels to play on people’s xenophobia is a good thing. Archer hit a nice lariat on D’Marco after countering a crucifix pin attempt. This was a good back-and-forth match, with both guys getting a decent amount of offense in. Archer got the win in a pretty entertaining bout. The fans booed him though cause he’s a foreigner.

Post match shenanigans: Karl Mandik comes to ringside and informs Archer he has a TV title match with Rocky Romero. Archer spoke French, and the dimwit fans of this show chanted “WHAT!?” Archer’s promo wasn’t bad, but the whole “oh this guy’s French, let’s make him a heel!” schtick is really tired. You know what isn’t tired? SLAMMED BY A STRANGER!

Ray Lyn w/ Dylan Bostic vs. Amale Winchester

Once again, we have a match for a division that has no championship. When Amale cut her promo two weeks ago, it was in French and heelish, and Archer was like a babyface. God the creative team on this show sucks. The commentators too, as they keep using the phrase “Octagon” anytime they mention someone partakes in MMA. Stop saying “Octagon” you jackasses. Actually, don’t. Let the UFC sue you guys. It’d be hilarious.

Anyways, this match. It was bad. Ray Lyn and Bostic tried doing their best impression of the South Pacific Power Couple with constant P.D.A. Amale hit an arm drag, and they said it was due to her MMA experience. These fucking idiots are really making me mad now. Bostic distracted Amale, and Ray Lyn rolled her up and grabbed the tights for the win. Fuck this was bad for so many reasons. Airing an episode of Slammed By A Stranger would’ve been a better use of TV time.

Kevin Condron (Jervis Cottonbelly) (w/ Thomas) vs. Kwip Sullivan

The angle between Raze and Condron was recapped here. Sullivan looked strong early on, but then Condron gained control of the match. Thomas, his camera guy, was yelled at for something. Condron won with a DDT in a really bad match.

Post match shenanigans: Hot Karl interviews Condron. Now this feud with him and Ruby Raze is centering about Thomas. The fans were actually chanting for Thomas. Good job, CWFH. You made a heel character a sympathetic babyface at the expense of one of your babyfaces. This show sucks on so many levels. You know what doesn’t suck?

Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. Jay Kern (Jay Baker)

We know what we’re getting. Squash match. That’s all Watts ever does on this show when he’s in singles matches on the undercard. Squash jobbers. Fucking Christ, the booking of his character is WORSE than the booking of Duke’s. You want to know why this show has nobody in the crowd and zero heat? Cause of shit like this. Watts hit his finisher to win the match, and I praise

Post match shenanigans: Hot Karl interviews Matthews and Watts. They talk about Anthony Idol. Ty doesn’t suck at cutting promos, but he has nothing interesting to cut promos about. What a waste of talent and time. You know what isn’t a waste of time? You guessed it, Slammed By A Stranger!

United Wrestling Network Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Tito Escondido (c) vs. Peter Avalon (w/ the fake Marquez son)

First, I’d like to say that Angel Castillo is a terrible ring announcer. Joshua Shibata should be in his place. I’m going to have to look into this written agreement SCU has with CWFH. I don’t like the way they’re burying my talent. They teased Tito hitting Peter with the F5 again for a quick victory. Tito dominated early on in the match. Peter hit a dive onto Tito before a commercial break. Peter was in control after the break, but Tito mounted a comeback. He hit a running step up rana on Peter, sending him to the outside where Tito followed it up with a tope suicida.

There was a ref bump after Tito hit his finisher, and then he was attacked by the Classic Connection. Tito was able to fight them off. After that, DJ Hyde came out, but was taken out by Ray Rosas who dove off the stage onto the DEEJ. The fake Marquez son got on the ring apron, but he ate a body shot and went down. Tito kicked out of the Marti-knees for a hot near fall. The finish saw Tito catch Peter as he went for the Marti-knees from the second rope and hit the F5 for the win. This was a really good match, and possibly the best match CWFH has put on this year.

The show closes with Tito walking out and the announcers hyping the TV title match next week.

Final Thoughts

The overall show was pretty terrible. Everything on this series is so poorly put together, and nothing seems organized. The creative direction of these shows is still in dire need of a change.

With that said, the main event was really good. Tito and Peter worked a really fun match, and the finishing stretch with the failed run ins was really well done. D’Marco Wilson vs. Tristan Archer was also a good match. It has me interested in his match with Rocky Romero that will be airing next week.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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