House of Pain Wrestling July 23rd Preview

Steve’s House of Pain Wrestling school is located in La Puente and has been running there since this spring.  You’ll know why it’s called the House of Pain if you’ve seen any of the newcomer photos.  Steve’s school does mainly lucha libre but also teaches other styles.  The place has been running a show every month since this spring, and has brought some wrestlers that haven’t been seen in other places in SoCal, like Ricky Banderas (Mil Muertes from LU).  This card was brought to my attention last week so I figured, why not do a preview for it?

Temerario vs. Sexy Chino 

This should be a good opener.  I’ve seen Sexy Chino in action live and he’s entertaining no matter who he is wrestling.  I haven’t had the chance to see Temerario live before, but he’s wrestled everywhere. I’m thinking this might be a comedy match, but if it goes serious, it won’t be terrible either.

Lestat vs. Andy Brown 

Lestat has a long history of wrestling in Mexico and the States. The most recent time I caught him was at a UIPW show in May last year.  He’s a solid technico that has been working with the House of Pain for his last few appearances.  Andy Brown is an up and coming wrestler who’s really coming into his own lately.  This should be a fast, solid match with two guys who really know how to work.

Sage Sin vs. GG Raven 

A women’s match with a familiar face and a student of Steve’s. Sage Sin lives Halloween all year round and fits in nicely with Steve’s group of mask wearers and painted freaks.  She is a solid wrestler with a great gimmick.  I haven’t seen GG Raven live yet, but have seen a bit of her stuff on YouTube/Facebook and am interested in seeing her live now.  Not even sure who is favored, but my guess is Sage, simply due to experience.  Raven might surprise her though.

Demus 316 vs. Rafael La Tortuguita 

Demus has been on Impact, so I’ve had a chance to watch him recently.  He was FKA as Damien 666 but you know, copyright and all.  He wrestles in the mini-estrella division, but I wouldn’t consider him small.  Very smooth wrestler and wrestles bigger than he is.

Toruguita is the smaller version of Turtle, but my Spanish is horrible so I’m roughly translating this to Raphael the Smaller Ninja Turtle.  He definitely looks the part, too.  What isn’t shown underneath all the shells, ninja weapons and such, is a talented wrestler.  This should be fun and probably faster paced as the semi main than the previous matches.   The good part about this is you see some really athletic performers, and some good wrestling instead of it being a side show type match.

Main Event: Steve Pain vs. El Hijo De Rey Mysterio 

The boss of the center wersus the cousin of a legend.  I’ve been a fan of both of these guys, mostly their work in Mexico.  Of course Steve is Lord Pindar from LU, and is a solid wrestler that seems to also be wrestling in several states while trying to run a school.  Neither of these seem easy to do as one thing, much less of both at the same time.  One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that everyone looks good when they wrestle him, so I’m expecting some fireworks in this match.

Mysterio is a solid technico wrestler with a good amount of high flying offense to keep you on your toes.  The guy has been wrestling for about 11 years now but I haven’t seen anything on him other than tape, so this will be a treat to see how these two approach this match, as their styles are very different.

This looks to be a quick fun Sunday card.  There’s a good amount of variety as well, with some solid wrestling, a mini-estrella match, a women’s match, and a few wrestlers that really don’t wrestle anywhere else locally.

The show starts at 6pm on Sunday July 23rd

Address is 1427 N Hacienda Blvd La Puente, Ca 91744

Ticket prices are 20 for adults, 5 for kids.

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  1. Mary Ellen Richardson | 07/20/2017 at 5:48 AM |

    Thanks JR, may have to try and check this one out again real soon! Awesome review as always!

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