Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 320 Review: Falco Appreciation

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Vickie Guerrero, Manny Lemons, and FALCO!

To watch this episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, or to check out shows from promotions such as ROH and CMLL, check out the Fite TV app. The  Fite TV app will also feature this weekend’s California Fight League event with UFC veteran Mac Danzig making his return to the sport of MMA.

The Red Carpet Rumble intro video is played. After that Justin Roberts introducing the match and explaining the rules.

Red Carpet Rumble – Order of entry

1. Tyler Bateman, 2. Astro Viajero, 3. D’Marco Wilson, 4. Lucas Riley, 5. Eric Watts, 6. Ichi, 7. Julius Coleman, 8. Kevin Condron, 9. Ray Rosas, 10. Damian Drake, 11.Alonzo Alvarez, 12. Levi Shapiro, 13. Ruby Raze, 14. Guy Cool, 15. Matthew Justice, 16. Ty Matthews, 17. Manny Lemons, 18. Falco, 19. DJ Hyde, 20. Devin Sparks, 21. Kwip Sullivan, 22. Anthony Idol, 23. Brody King, 24. Ryan Taylor, 25. Peter Avalon (substituted for Vickie Guerrero), 26. Spyder Warrior, 27. Suede Thompson, 28. Jarek 1:20, 29. Buddy Royal, 30. Oliver Grimsly

So this was your average Royal Rumble-style match. Nothing really great here. It was what it was. The final two wrestlers left were Bateman and Grimsly, which was sorta predictable. I mean, the two of them were in a feud going into this. Everything leading up to this pretty much hinted we were gonna get a showdown between the two with the good guy going over. Bateman won. Yadda yadda yadda.

Let’s talk about some notable moments.

Kevin Condron made his CWFH in-ring debut. Yippie.

For months, CWFH has been building up this angle with Kevin Condron. He’s been portrayed as a whiny failure who has been able to get into this match. When Kevin was in the ring, he looked terrible. I don’t know if he was intentionally trying to wrestle terribly, but he looked bad either way.

Vickie Guerrero was a waste of time.

So Vickie did an angle where she did her “EXCUSE ME” gimmick and acted like she was gonna enter the Rumble. Instead, it was Peter Avalon who entered in her place. What a fucking waste of time and money that was. Whoever thought that would be a good idea should be fucking fired.

The Return of Falco

So this guy named Falco made his return in grand style. As Falco made his entrance and went to the top rope, he attempted to hit a flying head scissors onto Manny Lemons. Falco then planted himself on his head. It was glorious.

Final Thoughts

This was honestly one of the most boring shows I had seen. There were some moments where CWFH was obviously aiming for comedy, but it just fell flat. Manny Lemons induces douche chills, and his spot with DJ Hyde where he squeezed a lemon on his head was the worst. There were stories throughout the match, but nothing was really compelling. Unless you really want to see Bateman hit a Superplex on Oliver Grimsly and antics, this show isn’t for you.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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