Preview of FCW’s “Protect Ya Neck” on April 14th

Finest City Wrestling is hosting their fourth event this year. This event is on a Friday, so any preparations should be made accordingly. This card looks pretty stacked, with titles defended, #1 contenders proclaimed, and some wrestlers that you may have not seen before live. FCW does a great live show and there is plenty of fan participation and chants going on there. You will also find more wrestler to fan interaction compared to some shows.  Let’s take a look at this card, shall we?

-Pre Show – Battle Royal
Winner gets a #1 contender spot to ANY FCW Title of their choosing.

These are always fun. Not sure who is going to be in the Battle Royal, but these are always a good match to get things going. The stipulation that the winner gets a #1 contender spot will make it interesting. Who comes out on top? You don’t want to be late and miss this one.

-Jake Atlas vs. Scorpio Sky vs. The Vegan Superman vs. Terex

This match has pretty much every style of competitor in it, a hulking athletic monster such as Terex, the all around solid game of Scorpio Sky (who can do pretty much anything), the hybrid lucha/strongstyle of Jorel Diez ( the Vegan Superman) and Jake Atlas, another young competitor that is super athletic and can do anything in the ring. This matchup should be action packed and intense throughout.

-Brody King vs. SoCal Crazy

A complete clash of styles, the Young Lions Cup Winner Brody King will be up against a SoCal Legend in SoCalCrazy. This should be great entertainment watching one of the best big men in the area wrestle against the unpredictable style of SoCal Crazy, another Legend of the SoCal scene.

B Boy vs. ? (Open Challenge)

B Boy is a SoCal Legend. He’s a trainer, mentor, and he also wrestles everywhere. He can also wrestle anyone, so whoever he wrestles will have a good hard fought battle on their hands. They’ll probably be sore as hell too for a couple of days. New Age Punisher always brings it to the table.

Tag Team Match
-Adrian Quest & Andy Brown vs. Biagio & Donnie Suarez

Adrian Quest and Andy Brown have been tagging all over the SoCal area, particularly in AWS and EWF. Adrian’s a young gun that has an exciting set of moves, and he has shown that he can wrestle a couple of different styles. Andy’s got explosive power, good athleticism, and strong stiff strikes to his arsenal.

Biagio has been steadily moving his way up the ranks.  He recently wrestled against Eli for the FCW lightweight title but it was interrupted by Danny Limelight and it got turned into a three way. He’s also been adding more moves to his arsenal; seemingly every time he’s out there he tries something new. “God’s Gift” Donnie Suarez is another young, hungry competitor that has wrestled everywhere in the area and has a slick lucha style. These two should provide an exceptional challenge to Adrian and Andy.

-Corey Jackson vs. Joe Hieken

Corey Jackson is a Battle U representee and he’s got a solid all around game that really shows off his athleticism. I haven’t seen Joe Heiken much, but I’ve seen a good portion of his stuff on YouTube and this should be a better than expected match, or even sneaky good. Keep an eye on these two on that evening.

-Battle U – Debut Match
K.C Douglas vs. Michael Hopkins

The brightest and most ready Battle U students are ready for their debut match. I honestly don’t know what either of these guys can do. It’ll be up to them to show us what kind of wrestlers they are.

-XRT Division & Lightweight Championship Match
Oráculo vs. Rocket Boy vs. Eli Everfly(c)


Rocket is fighting for the XRT Title and Oráculo is fighting for the Lightweight Championship.  If Eli wins, he still keeps both titles.

Eli Has a lot of work cut out for him, since holding a title on both shoulders when talking isn’t enough. Rocket Boy was a surprise (to some) finalist at the Proving Grounds Tournament held at Battle U a few months ago. Oráculo is a high level competitor that has wrestled mainly in Florida lately, but you may have seen him wrestle on PCW against 450 a few months back, and took him to the limit. This match should be high flying, dangerous and also fun. Really looking forward to seeing some risks taken and some hearts being broken here.

-FCW Heavyweight Championship
Willie Mack vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Tyler Bateman(c)

This will be a straight up battle. All three competitors are known for their toughness, their ability, and overall presence. These three men will probably blow the roof off Battle U. Tyler’s unique offense and style have always added something to a match. The Butcher will defend his title to the last breath, and then maybe even past that. Willie has been doing things a guy shouldn’t be able to do at his size for a long time now. People don’t understand that a large man doing a moonsault means that a large man is landing on top of you with all his weight. Jeff Cobb is another extremely talented, strong competitor with an Olympic background and has wrestled all over the country. Some of the things that these competitors will do in the ring will leave you breathless, astonished, perplexed, and any other adjective that you want to throw in there. It’s a compelling match, and with this level of competition, anything and everything should be anticipated.

-Douglas James will also address his future with FCW**

Douglas James will also appear to address his recent issues with the company. I’m really not sure what he’s going to address here, if it’s injury related, company related, or what. He could challenge for a title, announce his return, who knows. I guess the only way to find out is to go there next Friday on the 14th.

Other Thoughts: FCW has been throwing some great cards together, especially since their break in the summer of last year. This is a show you can bring your family to, but can also expect some of the best overall wrestling cards in the area, so win/win either way. Food is better than average, with burgers, drinks, nachos, etc. They’ve also done Girl Scout cookie sales there, which is a nice touch, since they sell different cookies then I usually get in Orange County. Information for location and social media links are below.

“Protect Ya Neck”
425 Imperial Beach Blvd –
Battle U Pro Wrestling School
7pm Doors – 8pm Bell time
Kids Free (12 & under)
$10 Military ID – General Admission
$20 General Admission
$25 Front Row – SOLD OUT
Buy Tickets via PayPal –

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  1. Mary Ellen Richardson | 04/07/2017 at 5:35 AM |

    Another GREAT preview, thanks JR! If I had not been to an FCW show before I would have to be asking myself ‘WHY NOT???’ FCW is an awesome event and the Pro to Fan interaction is the best of any Event I have ever attended!

  2. Mary Ellen Richardson | 04/07/2017 at 5:37 AM |

    OOPs I meant to say FCW is an awesome PROMOTION not Event! anyone you get what I mean, Gus Parsons always goes all out to give us what he thinks we want and need from a show!

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