FCW “Season’s Beatings” – 10 December 2016 – Quick Results

Douglas James defeated Lil’ Cholo to retain the FCW Heavyweight title at FCW’s “Season’s Beatings” on December 10th. Also on the show Eli Everfly won a four-way to become the first FCW Lightweight champion. Click for full results.

Finest City Wrestling
“Season’s Beatings”
December 10, 2016
Imperial Beach Sports Center
Imperial Beach, CA

Chaz Herrera over Alonzo Alvarez  [8’28]

Human Tornado over C-Love by submission  [7’13]

Veinom & Motros Jungle over Nightmare Azteca & Toxik 2 out of 3 falls [14’31]

Kevin Kross over Oso Blanco by ref stoppage  [6’06]

Aaron Garvey, Maldecido, & Gus Parsons over Terex, Matt Twizted, & Captain Comic Con  [18’48]

Biagio Crescenzo over D’Marco Wilson [18’18]

Eli Everfly over Donnie Suarez, Jake Atlas, and SoCal Crazy to win the FCW Lightweight title [12’22]

B-Boy & Scorpio Sky over “Uptown” Andy Brown & Adrian Quest  [20’49]

Douglas James over Lil’ Cholo to retain the FCW Heavyweight title  [21’00]

-Post match Scorpio Sky, Lil’ Cholo, and B-Boy beat down Douglas James

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  1. Another fun FCW show. I really liked Eli’s match and didn’t see the B-Boy heel turn coming.

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