[Recap] AOW LIVE on October 15th 2016

Alpha Omega Wrestling
Elks Lodge
October 15th 2016
Twentynine Palms, Ca

Preshow match:
Doc Shady def “The Polish Tyrant” Andre Machievski (w/”Blindman” Mike Chapman) with a Spinning Kick (Trouble In Paradise). Ryan J. Morals would come to ringside as Shady continue to fight Machievski as Morals & Chapman would watch as Shady wants a match with Morals.

Opening Match-Fatal 4 Way Match:
Yuma def “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews, Damien Smith & Angel Ateu as Steven Andrews delivered a Swanton Bomb on Ateu, Yuma made Damien Smith tap out to a Crossface finisher to get the win.

As the match up of Ruben Iglesias vs Johnny Kai started, AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg would come to the ring to inform Jeff the Ref that he can’t referee the match due to his contractional obligation as Kai’s manager as Rosenberg would be the guest referee in this match.

“The Best Around” Johnny Kai (w/Jeff the Ref) def Ruben Iglesias as Iglesias would attempt a pinfall while holding the ropes as Rosenberg would break it & Kai rolled up for the pinfall victory.

“The Hardcore Kidd” Aaron Aguilara def “The Vegan Superman” Jacob Diez via a Chokeslam.

Mathias Starkey & M.J. would come to the ring for a press conference as he would address the tag team championship loss months back and demanded an apology from the fans for taking Steven Andrews side. He would join the commentary group for the upcoming match.

Fall Counts Anywhere for the AOW Desert Championship:
Doc Shady would continue to make Ryan Morals career hell as he would take “Blindman” Mike Chapman from ringside & into his vehicle as they drove away. Scorpio Sky would roll up Morals outside of the Elks Lodge to successfully retain the championship.

Mathias Starkey would congratulate Sky on his victory but would show that he’s interested in a championship match as Steven Andrews came in to attack Starky. Scorpio Sky would accidentally Knee Andrews in the face as AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg would come out to ringside.

Rosenberg would announce on December 11th in Twentynine Palms, Scorpio Sky would defend the AOW Desert Championship verses Steven Andrews & Mathias Starkey.

Ron Kilbourn would come to the ring as he would address his loss of the AOW Heavyweight Championship to Rudy Luna as he loss it to current champion Tito Escondido which prompted Rudy Luna to come out to address the matter as well. Christian Rosenberg would come out & announce that tonight’s main event would be Luna vs Kilbourn with the winner to face the AOW Champion in Victorville, Ca on November 20th.

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts def The American Oni with a Chokeslam.

Jarek 1:20 def Captain Frey with a “Black Magic” Chokeslam for the win. (Jarek would cast a spell on Frey in the match causing a rewind of moves in the match as it would set up a Magical Chokeslam without even physical touching him).

Rude & Sexy (Rudy Rodgers & Sexy Chino) would come to the ring for there AOW Tag-Team Championship match but the champions would not be there as Rodgers & Chino would face the team of Fake Grayson & The Hidden Stone in a Invisibility match. The Invisible Team would get the win as the AOW Champions King of Suplexes arrived & attacked Rodgers & Chino as the scheduled match took place.

AOW TAG-TEAM Championship:
Kings of Suplexes (Blake Grayson & Anjul Stone) def Rude and Sexy (Sexy Chino & Rudy Rodgers) as the champions delivered the Zig Zag Bomb on Rodgers for the win & successfully retain the championship.

Ryan Morals would come to the ring demanding where “Blindman” Mike Chapman went as a live feed was shown as Chapman was stranded on the street due to Doc Shady. An upset & emotional Ryan Morals called out Christian Rosenberg to come out as he wanted his manager & a fight with Shady. Rosenberg would grant Moral’s request if he begged for it as he made the match official for the November 20th show in Victorville.

Main Event-#1 Contendership match for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“The Veteran” Rudy Luna & Ron Kilbourn would end in a draw as Luna delivered a Fisherman Suplex on Kilbourn as both competitors shoulders were on the mat.

The event was broadcast on Facebook with “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker, Christian Cole & “Hot Lips” Lonnie Laguna was your commentary team with myself Mike Draven as ring announcer.

AOW returns to Victorville on November 20th & Twentynine Palms on December 11th..please look out for info on the Socaluncensored.com calender in the upcoming weeks.

Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!