[Results] MPW on August 5th 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MWA Academy
August 5th 2016
Moorpark, Ca

“The Master” Jason Flame def Hydie of Figgy & The Sweetfish via disqualification (outside interference from Backwoods O’Sullivan)

Brawlin’ Bo Cooper def Damien “The Suplex Killa” Smith with a Spicolli Driver

Daniel Moon (w/ Aurora Starr) def Clubbin’ Cody with the help of Jimi Mayhem & Max Ammo on behalf of absent Johnny Lords

1/2 of CWFH Tag Team Champion, The Hobo def Osiris Mittens (w/ Lex Icon) of The Echelon

Bulletproof (w/ Lex Icon) of The Echelon def “Prodigy” Preston Moseby by way of using Icon’s Lettered Stick.

Danny Divine def Tanaka (w/ Lex Icon) of The Echelon via Divine Intervention. Bulletproof would attack Divine from behind after the match. Divine was doubled-teamed until “Prodigy” Preston Moseby emerged with the save to dispose of The Echelon. Their celebration was cut short as Mayhem & Ammo would ambush the two to make an example out of them.

Next week’s Double Main Event will be announced shortly on the @MillenniumProWrestling facebook page.

Results courtesy of MPW