[Results] MPW on September 9th 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena
September 9th 2016
Moorpark, Ca

Bulletproof of The Echelon was accompanied by his manager, Lex Icon, and the rest of his stable – Tanaka and Osiris Mittens, to faceoff with newcomer Aleister Corvus. During the match, Lex Icon attempted to distract the referee. Meanwhile, Bulletproof got a hold of Icon’s lettered stick in order to club his opponent.

However, Tanaka would intervene and rip the weapon from the hands of his stablemate, indicating that there was no need to cheat! Bulletproof was indeed able to defeat Corvus on his own with a knee-stomp (which resembles the old “curb stomp”) called “The Equilibrium.” After the match, Bulletproof proceeded to attack the fallen Aleister Corvus as The Echelon tends to do, but Tanaka was having none of it.

When Bulletproof and Tanaka nearly came to blows, Lex Icon was able to ease tensions and usher his team to the backstage. Dissent within the Echelon? Winner by pinfall, Bulletproof.

“Mad” Murray MacIntosh was very proud of his count-out victory over Dan Joseph last week. So proud, that it annoyed Dan Joseph to the point where he asked MPW Owner, Triple X to make a return match since he was counted out voluntarily.

As usual, “Mad” Murray came out in a drunken stupor which continued to frustrate Dan Joseph throughout the match. Once it seemed that Dan Joseph was in pursuit of finishing off MacIntosh after a series of Powerbombs, MacIntosh was able to roll his opponent up for a surprise pinfall. Dan Joseph, irate, grabbed his entrance attire, his water bottle, and gym towel, and stormed to the backstage. This one isn’t over by a long shot! Winner by pinfall, “Mad” Murray MacIntosh.

Hot Young Briley came out to address the crowd. He had a lot on his mind especially with all he’s endured in his wrestling life, and his family life. He wanted the crowd to know that MPW is now his home, and MPW is his family. This started an “MPW” chant throughout the MPW Arena – until “Just Judas” attacked Hot Young Briley from behind with a devastating chair shot. Just Judas then scooped up a motionless Briley and drove him down face first into the mat with an End of Days.

Master Flame returned from a short hiatus after recovering from a slight concussion. He immediately issued a request to MPW Owner – Triple X to set a rematch against one half of the MPW Tag Team Champions – Maximum Mayhem’s Jimi Mayhem.

Just like their first meeting a couple weeks ago, this one was an all-out brawl. When Mayhem attempted to repeat his actions from their last match by striking Flame in the head with the Tag Team Championship belt, Flame was able to duck and roll out of the strike, kip up, and execute a picture perfect super-kick. This set up Flame’s specialized turning outside crescent kick which appeared to knock Mayhem’s lights out. Winner by pinfall, Master Flame.

Just Judas took on MPW newcomer, a luchador by the name of El Quetzal. When the match started, Just Judas over-powered El Quetzal and dominated the start of the match. Just Judas set his opponent up for a Powerbomb, but Hot Young Briley would attack Just Judas from behind with a chair shot of his own. The two would have a heated brawl to the mat. This cleared out the locker room as nearly the entire MPW roster came out to separate Hot Young Briley and Just Judas. MPW Owner, Triple X then announced next week’s co-Main Event featuring Hot Young Briley versus Just Judas in a Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls match.

The self-proclaimed “Number One Contender” Daniel Moon accompanied by Aurora Starr came out to gloat about his accomplishment of being the Number One Contender while donning his cardboard “Number One Contender” belt as well as a giant foam finger. His opponent was announced to be Osiris Mittens of the Echelon, accompanied by his captive owner Bulletproof and manager Lex Icon.

After a Thumb-wars match that Osiris won (the cardboard belt changed hands), Moon called for a rematch, and wanted to wrestle for real. Mittens indicated that he was “a fighting champion” and agreed to the match. Mittens looked as if he was going to retain the cardboard belt when he had Moon in a leg lock submission, but was distracted by a red laser pointer used by Aurora Starr from the apron.

Mittens swatted at and chased the red dot while Moon was able to regain his footing. Moon would ultimately take the victory with an Indian Leg Lock submission causing Osiris Mittens to tap out. Winner by submission, “The Number One Contender” Daniel Moon.

“Hellkid” Johnny Lords came out uninvited and immediately kicked the referee, Peewee McKenzee with a kick to the mid-section followed by an Amazing Grace (double-arm-DDT). He continued to attack the lifeless referee with suplexes.

Suddenly, The MPW Owner – Triple X came out to interrupt the assault. Hellkid invited Triple X into the ring so that Hellkid could beat the owner up as a repeat to last week, however, “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey played and Uday Ukleja of The Thundergun Express appeared. The impromptu match resulted in a brawl that ended pretty quickly with an angry Hellkid (angry that Uday’s music was a Journey song) finished the match with a Sharpshooter submission. Winner by submission, “Hellkid” Johnny Lords.

The Main Event featured MPW World Champion, Danny Divine defending the title against his best friend, the true number one contender, Clubbin’ Cody. The two would tear the house down as the Cody section of the crowd chanted loudly against the Divine section of the crowd. In a series of close falls and comebacks from both sides, Danny Divine would ultimately finish the match with a Divine Intervention cutter when Clubbin’ Cody attempted a high risk maneuver from the ropes.

When the match was over, “The Number One Contender” Daniel Moon blindsided the champion, Danny Divine and sent him out of the ring. He began his attack on Clubbin’ Cody’s leg – the same leg that put him out of action for several weeks prior to his comeback just a few weeks ago. “Hellkid” Johnny Lords entered the ring as well, with a chair, and splashed from the ropes with the chair folded over Cody’s knee. Divine chased Moon out of the ring, and that’s when Hellkid and Danny Divine exchanged blows until the referee and MPW Owner – Triple X could finally separate the two. Winner by Pinfall, and still MPW World Champion, Danny Divine.

Next “Friday Night at the MPW Arena” will feature a Triple Main Event Extravaganza – Just Judas takes on Hot Young Briley in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Danny Divine will defend the MPW World Championship against the former two-time champion, “Hellkid” Johnny Lords in a rematch. Maximum Mayhem will defend the MPW Tag Team Championships against The Echelon. Plus, Ryan J. Morals returns to MPW!

Credit courtesy of MPW