[Results] Millennium Pro Wrestling on August 19th 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MWA Academy
August 19th 2016
Moorpark, Ca

Low Hanging Fruit (The Big Banana & The Masked Papaya) defeated Figgy & The Sweetfish (Auntie Hydie & “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan) – The Big Banana took advantage of an inadvertent head-butt by The Masked Papaya on “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan and finished the match with a big splash. Auntie Hydie was infuriated and cleaned house after the match.

The Self-Proclaimed # 1 Contender of MPW, Daniel Moon defeated “Mad” Murray MacIntosh. In a high impact match filled with top-rope action and close finishes from both side, these two riled up the crowd in a thrilling match. In the end, however, Daniel Moon would win the match via a half-nelson bulldog, and hoist his cardboard title belt whilst claiming to be the # 1 Contender.

Dan Joseph of the Pac-3 made his MPW debut, by taking on Osiris Mittens of the Echelon with Bulletproof and Lex Icon in his corner. The crowd was behind Mittens, but not The Echelon, nor Dan Joseph. After a hard fought match from both sides, Dan Joseph defeated Osiris Mittens with a Backstabber.

Uday Ukleja of Thundergun Express took on Tanaka of The Echelon with Bulletproof and Lex Icon in his corner. The match would attract interference from the outside when Bulletproof tried to get involved. Uday’s tag team partner Jacob Tarasso would emerge to even the score. MPW Owner, Triple X restarted the match as a tag team match between Thundergun Express and The Echelon. The Echelon defeated Thundergun Express by using Lex Icon’s alphabet stick behind the referee’s back.

In the Main Event, we had a 6-man Elimination-Style Tag Team Match between the team of MPW World and Tag Team Champions, “Hellkid” Johnny Lords and Max Ammo/Jimi Mayhem, Maximum Mayhem versus the team of Master Flame, “Prodigy” Preston Moseby, and Danny Divine. MPW Owner, Triple X was the special guest referee. Max Ammo defeated Preston Moseby with a vertical brain-buster.

Master Flame defeated Max Ammo after a series of martial arts kicks. Jimi Mayhem defeated Master Flame with a big boot to the face. Danny Divine defeated Jimi Mayhem with a small package roll-up pin. Danny Divine defeated Johnny Lords with a Divine Intervention and win the elimination match as the sole survivor.
Triple X would award Divine a title shot in response to the crowd’s chanting of “Title Match! Title Match!” In next week’s Main Event, we will see the MPW World Title Bout between Danny Divine and “Hellkid” Johnny Lords.

In addition, in the post-show, Master Flame requested a one on one match with Jimi Mayhem which was also granted. Also, Hector Canales will be in town and will take on “Mad” Murray MacIntosh. Stay tuned for more matches to come for “Friday Nights at the MPW Arena”.

Credit courtesy of MPW’s Clint Nathan