[Recap] Chaos Column of MPW “All-Star Event” on July 16, 2016

7/16/16 MPW All-Star Event
Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark

MPW made the right decision to hold this star-studded card in a bigger venue, instead of the small MPW Academy, because at least 100 people filled the gym of the Boys & Girls Club.

1 – Opening match between Bulletproof & Osirus Mittens never got going because Bronson made his way to the ring, & laid both men out.  Then he pulled a pair of dental tweezers from underneath the ring, & “pulled one of Osirus’s teeth out”.  Seth Skyfire came out in response to Bronson’s actions, only to be laid out by Judas Draven & Hot Young Briley.  An interfering Johnny Mundo & Damien Sandow (fresh from his recent release from WWE) made the save, before Bronson could pull out one of Seth’s teeth.

2 – Lethal Logan X v. Daniel Moon
Good MPW match that Logan X ended with a Corkscrew Splash from the top rope, rolled into a Sleeper Hold to score the pass-out submission win.

3 – Mad Murray MacIntosh v. Danny Divine
Danny had the match in control, until Murray “took a sip of whiskey from his flask”.  Murray then went on the offensive, finishing it with a Sidewalk Slam for the pin.

4 – GCW Middleweight Championship:  Joshua O’Hagen (c) v. Preston Moesby
A very good, technical, see-saw match.  Joshua ended it by smashing Preston’s face to his knee, scoring the pinfall.

5 – Ryan J. Morals (w/ The Blindman Army) v. Brian Kendrick
Another good MPW match that Brian ended by making Ryan tapout to what looked like a Crossface submission.

6 – Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for Hellkid’s Heavyweight title
Good battle royal that featured most of the talents on the card, as well as other talents from the Millennium Wrestling Academy, and other talents from elsewhere.  Hydie, the only woman in the battle royal, lasted a good while, before being eliminated.  Joshua O’Hagen eliminated himself, gesturing that “time’s up” for him.  Hellkid came out, when it came down to the last 5, & taunted Jason Flame, allowing the other 4 to throw him out.  It came down to Danny Divine & Mad Murray MacIntosh, with Danny throwing Murray out.  That is when B.S. Cohen came out, tried to get an impromptu title match going, and “played the crooked referee card” to give Hellkid the pinfall…or so they thought.  The MPW commissioner came out, and announced that the real title match would happen the following Friday, at the MWA Academy.

* While the fans waited for the next match, Joey Ryan was chased into the ring by Brian Kendrick, with Brian pinning Joey for the DDT Pro Ironman Heavymetalweight (24/7 rule) title.  Joey then chased Brian to the back.  (Official video yet to be posted, as of press time.)

7 – Tag team title tournament final:  Max Ammo & Jimi Mayhem v. Thundergun Express (Uday Ukleja & Tarasso)
It seemed like a pretty even match, until Tarasso was put in a Tree of Woe.  While the referee tried to pull Tarasso out of the corner, Jimi grabbed a big party popper, & fired it right at the face of Uday.  That allowed Max to get the title-winning pin, and the duo celebrated by B.S. Cohen, & The Hellkid.

SM – Hector Canales v. Brawlin’ Bo Cooper
Pretty solid semi-main, with Hector using his “Real Man” gimmick.  There was a set of brass knuckles in play, as Hector used it on Bo once, then had it taken away on a 2nd attempt.  The referee pried the brass knuckles from Bo’s hand, then saw Hector kick Bo in the nuts, resulting in a DQ win for Bo.

M – All-Star Main Event:  Bronson, Judas Draven, & Hot Young Briley v. Johnny Mundo, Damien Sandow, & Seth Skyfire
A very even trios match.  All 6 wrestlers seemed to have equal share of ring time, to hit their various moves.  The original referee took a bump, and was shoved out of the ring.  Another referee came into the ring, and took a bump of his own, and was thrown out of the ring.  A hammer was then put into the play, while there was no referee to stop it from being used, with the “heel trio” using it on their opponents.  That drew the ire of Taya Valkyrie, who ended up getting involved.  She hit a few moves on Judas, before eating a hammer shot.  The “face trio” then took charge late, hitting a synchronized 10-punch in the corner, then Irish-whipped their opponents to each other, before nailing one final uppercut for a triple tandem pin, aided by Taya throwing the original referee in….”You’re welcome!”

Overall, a strong MPW card.  Plenty of fans got to meet Johnny Mundo, plus it was quite a treat to see Sandow bring his old WWE gimmick to the MPW ring.

1 – All-Star Main Event
2 – Brian Kendrick / Ryan J. Morals
3 – GCW Middleweight Title Match

Next:  EWF.  Their “SDCC Saturday” show in Baldwin Park is still under consideration, but their next Covina event on 8/5, is a definite go.  It is now the 1st half of “wrestling weekend doubleheader”, with the return of the SBWA Showcase on 8/6.

Photos:  https://www.facebook.com/SimplicioPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=524832234375603