MPW – 13 January 2017 – Results

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena
January 13th 2017
Moorpark, Ca

Master Flame defeated Duke Bennett via pin fall.

Danny Divine & Clubbin’ Cody defeated Figgy & The Sweetfish (Auntie Hydie & Backwoods O’Sullivan) via pin fall.

Dan Joseph defeated Koto Hiro via pin fall.

Daniel Moon defeated Tanaka via pin fall.

Clubbin’ Cody cut Moon’s celebration short by delivering another Springboard Bulldog from the top rope (as he did last week after getting Moon eliminated from the MPW National Championship Tournament).

Hector Canales defeated MPW National Champion Osiris Mittens in a Non-Title Match via pin fall, earning Canales an MPW National Championship match next week.

The Study Buddies (Chaz Herrera & Darwin Finch) defeated The Echelon via disqualification when Duke Bennett pulled the referee out of the ring during a pin fall attempt by Chaz Herrera. However, still MPW Tag Team Champions, The Echelon (Roadblock & Bulletproof).

Credit courtesy of MPW