Ray Rosas fractures hand

Earlier tonight, the official twitter of H.A.T.E announced that Ray Rosas suffered a fractured hand at an Empire Wrestling Federation event in Lytle Creek, CA today.

When asked about the injury, Rosas said that it was a “freak accident” that came off a missed dropkick in the corner. He was told by his doctor that it was a Bennett’s fracture, and that he will have to be in a cast for 6 weeks. When asked for a quick statement, Ray had this to say:

It was a total accident how it happened too. I broke it pretty early in the match but I was able to finish the match. I HATE being sidelined with an injury but it happens. Nature of our business. I’ll bounce back in no time.

Anyone wishing to Ray well wishes and a speedy recovery can Tweet him @RayRosas. On behalf of us at SoCalUncensored.com, I’d also like to wish Ray a speedy recovery.

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