Andrew’s Reviews: SoCal YouTube Matches Vol. 4

SoCal Youtube Match Reviews Vol. 4

Matches featuring B-Boy, Tyler Bateman, Joey Ryan, TJ Perkins, Ray Rosas, Jeff Cobb, Gary Yap’s Man In Black, and more. Plus rants about shitty commentators, my neighbor’s annoying ass baby, and stuff.

Joey Ryan vs. Mike CamdenChampionship Wrestling From Hollywood

Ah yes, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. I was reviewing their shows when they were still NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and posted their stuff online for free. Their shows were really bad. My reviews for those shows were so brutal that several people behind the scenes at NWA Hollywood wanted them taken down from SCU. I never typed the words “aborted fetus” more times in my life than I did when describing Stu Stone, who wanted to fight me because of said reviews. Good times and laughs were had by me on that one. So here we are now. and the NWA name is gone, but this still seems like the same bland product as before. Joey Ryan is accompanied to the ring by an injured Andrew Yuma. I heard he’s booking this show now. Yuma joins other dorks at commentary for this match. Right now listening to my neighbor’s neglected baby crying in the night with its bedroom window open is more appealing than listening to this commentary, so off come the earbuds.

The match starts after Joey does creepy shenanigans with Yuma. The biggest fan of my reviews Mike Camden is pretty weak and generic as a babyface, much like a young Joey Ryan. He should follow in Joey’s footsteps and be a heel. Not a fruity heel like Joey (I mean seriously, there are too many effeminate males in wrestling, we don’t need more), but something that fits with his look and skill set would do him much better than just being some dude with a beard and tattoos. This match itself is really basic. This isn’t a bad match, but they’re doing a Marquez-specialty so there’s really nothing cool or exciting here. Both these guys seem like they could do so much better, but there’s no room for excitement on this program still it seems.

Archimedes vs. EspirituEWF

This is my first time seeing both guys. Archimedes is the heel in this match and the smaller Espiritu is the babyface in this. Matt Sinister and the other guy on commentary are terrible so I threw down my earbuds again so I wouldn’t have to listen to them babbling on. The baby is still crying. Fuck I hate that baby. And what is it about SoCal having so many shifty commentators who try too hard to be funny when they aren’t? Ugh. Moving on now. Both these guys had a pretty decent showing. Archimedes seemed to be a step behind Espiritu in this, but despite that this was still a decent match that had a good pace. They didn’t pull off anything overly flashy or anything, but the crowd dug it. Both guys have potential to be good, and this was a good performance for both guys.

EWF Heavyweight Championship Match: Gary Yap’s Man In Black (c) vs. TJ PerkinsEWF

This is the latest wrestling installment of Gary Yap’s mysterious Man In Black angle that been going on in the EWF for the past year or so. This time, Gary’s Man In Black is defending the EWF Championship against TJ Perkins. There’s some fun exchanges and sequences at the start of the match, with TJ getting the upperhand most of the time. Gary also does his usual antics at ringside, drawing heat from the fans. He was almost attacked by a fan who seemed special. The Man in Black had a good performance in this, and TJ was really entertaining here. There’s really not much else to say about this other than it was a solid match.

Ray Rosas vs. Jeff CobbSantino Bros. Wrestling

This is my first time seeing Jeff Cobb, who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics representing Guam in freestyle wrestling where he competed against future UFC fighter and Jesus advocate Yoel Romero. He’s competed in the NorCal scene and wrestlers in Lucha Underground as Matanza. I’m really interested in seeing what this guy can do.

Right off the bat this is a basic smaller guy vs. bigger guy style match with Ray Rosas flying around and using his speedy offense against Cobb, and Cobb beating and tossing Ray around. Cobb was very impressive, and hit an awesome standing moonsault/shooting star press combination that was really well executed. This was an exciting match, and a very impressive showing from Cobb. Rosas also looked excellent in this and did a great job both while he was selling Cobb’s offense and when he was in control of the match. I highly recommend checking this match out. I’m really interested in seeing more from Cobb.

After the match, Ray cuts a promo about Southern California independent wrestling that the crowd really enjoyed, and introduced the main event of this show and the next match in this review.

B-Boy vs. Tyler BatemanSantino Bros. Wrestling

This match is a #1 contender’s match for the Santino Bros. Heavyweight Championship. Before the match begins, someone in the crowd expresses amazement that Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm and spoiled the fight for whoever was in attendance for this show that might’ve been wanting to see it later. Poor atox.

This match was hard hitting and stiff. The beginning of the match saw both men landing heavy shots. B-Boy landed strikes looking for an early knockout, and Tyler Bateman worked over B-Boy’s arm before B-Boy regained control of the match. Bateman’s selling for B-Boy’s offense was really good and convincing. B-Boy also did a good job of selling Bateman’s arm work from earlier in the match when he was trying to finish off Bateman later on allowing Bateman to make a comeback, getting some offense in before B-Boy got the victory. This was a really fun, hard hitting match. Both guys put on a great performance in this. Check this match out.

Final thoughts: Um, my neighbor’s baby sucks. I can’t stand it. Also, Hillary Clinton makes me sick. Sorry for my case of writer’s block. That’s all I can think of for now. Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell.

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  1. Andrew his the nail on the head. Those fuckers runied the UFC for me that night and I was so pissed!!!! I told him either that day or the next and was furious. But I guess now I can look back and laugh at it lol

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