2016 Hall of Fame Announcement

Nominees for induction to the Southern California Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame for 2016 have been announced. Nominees have been split into two voting groups. For the post-1980 group there are forty-four nominees including seventeen who are on the ballot for the first time.

Aaron Aguilera
Adam Pearce*
Alex Knight
Al Katrazz*
Art Barr
Ballard Brothers (Shannon & Shane Ballard)
Bart Kapitzke
Benjamin Mora*
Billy Blade*
Bobby Bradley
Brian Kendrick*
Cheerleader Melissa*
Christopher Daniels
Cincinnati Red
Dan Farren
David Marquez*
Disco Machine*
Frankie Dee*
Frankie Kazarian*
Gary Key
Hulk Hogan*
Joey Munoz (Kaos)
John Cena
Jon Ian
Kevin Kleinrock
Los Chivos (Enigma de Oro & Kayam)*
Matt Sinister*
Martin Marin
Messiah / Iron Mike Ehrhardt*
Primetime Peterson
Rey Misterio Jr.
Rick Bassman
Rocky Romero*
Ron Rivera
Samoa Joe*
Stephan DeLeon
Super Boy
Tech IX (Byron McKinney)
Vandal Drummond

In the pre-1980 group there are twenty nominees, including one first time nominee.

Aileen Eaton
Alberto Torres
Bearcat Wright
Bobo Brazil
Cal Eaton
Count Billy Varga
Edouard Carpentier
Ernie Dusek
Ernie Ladd
Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan)
Gino Garibaldi
Gus Sonnenberg*
Joe Stecher
Jules Strongbow
Man Mountain Dean
Nick Lutze
Pedro Morales
Ramon Torres
Sandor Szabo

*indicates first time nominee.

In order to be inducted a nominee must be listed on 70% of returned ballots. Voters for the post 1980 group may list up to 10 nominees on their ballots. Voters for the pre 1980 group may list up to 5 nominees on their ballots. Voting will be open until February 15, 2016. Inductions will be announced February 23, 2016.

The Southern California Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame was created in 2001 by Cincinnati Red, Jason “Primetime” Peterson, and Steven Bryant, and was dedicated in the memory of Louie Spicoli. The Hall of Fame was created with the mission to preserve and promote the history of professional wrestling in Southern California. Since its inception there have been 29 inductees. The Hall of Fame is hosted by SoCalUNCENSORED.com. For a full list of inductees please visit the Hall of Fame at http://socaluncensored.com/history/hall-of-fame/

4 Comments on "2016 Hall of Fame Announcement"

  1. How come Jeff Walton and Art Williams are not on this list? They have worked at the Olympic auditorium for many years and they should be nominated!

    • Both have been on the ballot before, but I’m not sure why they weren’t nominated this time. I’d vote for Jeff and recommend his book to anyone. You are right that both deserve to be on the ballot. I will make sure they are not over looked next election.

  2. Guillermo Hernandez | 01/27/2016 at 6:06 PM |

    My vote is for Gary Key, not only did he wrestle in all of the local promotions as well as WWF and some other well known promotions and in Mexico.
    Very knowledgable of the bussines, ring set up, lighting, signs etc.
    Also an exelent wrestler and a teacher.
    Congratulations on your nomination Gary.

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