[Recap] AOW LIVE on March 12th 2016

Alpha Omega Wrestling
Elks Lodge
March 12th 2016
Twenty-nine Palms, Ca

Good morning Socaluncensored.com faithfuls, Mike Draven back from an action packed event brought to you by AOW.

The event kicks off with Ashley Grace coming into the ring as she called out her best friend Crystal Michelle & wanted to get to the bottom of her new attitude change. Crystal Michelle along with “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger made their way to the ring as Michelle explained that things are different between her & Jaeger as they are now engaged to be married. Grace couldn’t believe what she’s hearing as 6 months ago, Crystal Michelle fell into the clutches of Jeremy Jaeger as his unwilling manager & all of a sudden they’re a happy couple. But just as a fight was about to break out, Steven Andrews would come to ringside to even the odds.

With this event was being broadcast on Periscope, AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg would text “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker & make the match official as Ashley Grace & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews will face “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger & Crystal Michelle.

“The Winning Ticket” Simon Lotto def “Best Around” Johnny Kai via Shinning Wizard.

AOW Heavyweight Champion Ron 20160312_164603Kilbourn would come into the ring & talked about how he was successful at last month’s event with his Open Challenge match, he would announce another Open Challenge match for the AOW Heavyweight Championship to any who dares enter the ring which was answered by So Cal Legend “Hardcore Kidd” Aaron Aguilara to much dismay from Kilbourn.

Open Challenge Match for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Ron Kilbourn def “Hardcore Kidd” Aaron Aguilara as Kilbourn would deliver a Low Blow followed by a Spear to successfully retain the championship. After the match, an vividly upset Hardcore Kidd would address his displeasure to “Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker demanding a fair official in his matches as Tucker took a pinky swear oath that he’ll talk to the AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg and asked to be Aguilera’s referee at a upcoming event.

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts def “The One” Blake Grayson with a bicycle kick. Grayson would address the fans 20160312_170222on how he seems to be on a losing streak since Ron Kilbourn defeated him for the AOW championship but vowed that the loss stops here as he promised to win championship gold soon. This brought out Steven Andrews & Ashley Grace to give Grayson some support but Grayson would turn his back on his friends & attacked Andrews as Ashley Grace looked on wondering why. Anjel Stone would come out as it looked like he was to stop Grayson’s attack only to join him…it looks like the return of K.O.S. (Kings of Suplex) has reunited.

As soon as the beat down ended, Crystal Michelle and Jeremy Jaeger would make their way to the ring as their Intergender Tag match was next.

Intergender Tag Team Match:
Crystal Michelle & “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger def Ashley Grace & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews as Crystal Michelle rolled up Ashley Grace with a hand full of tights.

As soon as the match ended, K.O.S. 20160312_173358returned to beat down Andrews & just as they’re set their eyes on Ashley Grace, Drake Fortune would come to the save. Fortune couldn’t believe that Grayson would throw everything away as he rejoined Stone to reformed Kings of Suplex. So Drake Fortune issued a challenge to face Team Hi Def in a tag team match at the annual Calliflower Alley Club reunion on April 10th in Las Vegas but also a one on one match as Drake Fortune challenges Blake Grayson at the next AOW LIVE on April 16th as K.O.S. just smirked as they exited.

“The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker def “The King of the Streets” Mondo Vega as the referee accidentally distracted Vega, Tucker would deliver a Thumb to the Eye & Pinned Vega with Tucker’s feet on the rope.

Main Event-Fatal 4 Way Jr. Heavyweight Division Match:20160312_180026
Yuma def “The SuperTzar” Sasha Darevko, Scorpio Sky & Andre Machievski as Yuma hit his “Sex Factor” Finisher on Darevko for the win.

This event despite having a small attendance had some hard hitting wrestling. Several promotions were running events throughout So Cal which probably split the fan base but regardless it was a fun show.

As to my Matches of the Night, I tip my hat to these matches:

Yuma vs Sasha Darevko vs Scorpio Sky vs Andre Machievski

Ron Kilbourn vs Aaron Aguilara

Eric Watts vs Blake Grayson

AOW returns to Elk Lodge in Twentynine Palms on Saturday April 16th at 4p
Admission $5

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