[Results] Cen-Cal Pro Wrestling on March 13th 2016

Sage Sin Supreme defeated Rik Luxury to become this first Five Cities Champion at March 13th’s Cen-Cal Pro show in San Luis Obispo. Also on the show Rock of Love (Billy Blade & Kadin Anthony) defeated Creepshow (JD Horror & Sledge). Click for complete results.

Cen Cal Pro Wrestling
Anniversary Show
The Graduate
March 13th 2016
San Luis Obispo, Ca

“The Young Lion” Will Roberts d. RJ Cruz.

The Skye Brothers (Airon & Christian Skye) d. Shawn Gunn and Michael Krueger. Gunn is currently shopping around for a partner with which to enter Cen-Cal Pro’s tag team tournament this May.

DK Malice (w/ Diskord) and Big Clay battled to a double count-out. After the match, Diskord presented Clay with a cowboy hat and can of beer, claiming that Clay “had not been himself recently,” and that’s why he could not defeat Malice. Diskord then challenged Clay, on Malice’s behalf, to a match with a stipulation of Clay’s choosing in May; stating that if Clay “can figure out who he is,” he might win… but, if not, then he will have to settle for being “second best.”

“The Game-Changer” Greg Hernandez d. Daniel Torch in a Two-Out-of-Three-Falls match. The match ended in a handshake, thus marking the end of Torch and Hernandez’s year-long feud.

Mike Rayne d. Sunami, further solidifying his ten-year reign as the UEW Eastern Pacific Champion.

Rock of Love (Billy Blade and Kadin Anthony w/ Laydee Vayne) d. Creepshow (JD Horror and Sledge). The match was won in a controversial fashion, after Blade delivered a chair-shot to Horror’s head, behind the referee’s back. Creepshow then challenged Rock of Love to a no-disqualification match in May, which Blade and Anthony somewhat reluctantly accepted.

“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin d. “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury in a long and hard-fought battle, to become the first ever Five Cities Champion. The resounding cheer from the audience nearly blew the roof off of the building, and Sage proved that size, weight, and gender are all irrelevant if one has the heart, courage and skill to succeed!

Cen-Cal Pro Wrestling returns to San Luis Obispo on May 15th, with a tournament to crown our first ever tag team champions. With our first year behind us, we have no intention of slowing down!

Credit: Cen-Cal Pro Wrestling