[RECAP] AOW “Unleased” on November 16th 2014

Alpha Omega WrestlingAOW 11-16-14 flyer
Riverside County Fairgrounds
November 16th 2014
Indio, Ca

Greetings from Indio, Ca as I Mike Draven along with my beautiful guest ring announcer Daisy were your Ring Announcers for the evening as we welcomed everyone to the Biggest Event of the Year “Unleashed”.

Preshow-Lucha Libre Match:(2 out of 3 Falls)
“The Anti-Hero” Spectre, Tiger Kid & Bobby Rios def Ruben Iglesias, Shady & The Human Tornado (2 Falls to 1 Fall).

As the official start of the show kicked off, “The Mastermind” Jason J. Young introduced the AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg along with the Regime. Rosenberg welcomed Young as his newest assistant & talked about tonight’s event. He gave “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger the night off but had his valet Crystal Michelle in action this evening.
He also would call out “The Real Deal” J.J. Steel to the ring to offer a public apology for the way he’s been treating him & announced that he’ll put him in the Cash in the Case match later in the night as a way to make amends. “The Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker came out to talk to Steel about not trusting Rosenberg after what he’s put him through these last few months only to have Rosenberg try to take the attention away from Steel plus try to keep “The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker out of harms way and granted Ryan J. Morals request for a match vs Tucker.

“The Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker def Ryan J. Morals via DQ when “The Red Head Stepchild” Buford Tucker interfered.

“I Quit” Match for the AOW Desert Championship (Dexter Milhouse Career at stake):
Dexter Milhouse def The American Oni (w/Pris) via a Cloverleaf Submission with the use of a chair to become the NEW AOW Desert Champion.

Cash in the Case Elimination Match
(Winner gets a Championship Match at ANY Champion, at ANY time for up to a year):
“The One” Blake Grayson def The Hobo, Sexy Chino, Golden Mask, “The Veteran” Rudy Luna, Jacob “The Riot” Diez & “The Real Deal” J.J. Steel (w/Christian Rosenberg) last eliminating Steel with a Double Arm DDT to become the 2014 Cash in the Case Winner.

Tab Jackson def Crystal Michelle (w/Jason J. Young) via Superkick

AOW Tag Team Championship:
Team Hi Def (“Golden Heart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) def “Boss Level” Ron Killbourn & “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky to successfully retain the Tag Team Championships until Christian Rosenberg came out & commended them on every challege they’ve faced & retaining the championships every time. He would then ordered another AOW Tag Team Championship match against his newest members to The Regime..Los Bandidos.

AOW Tag Team Championship:
Los Bandidos (Tito Escondido & Rico Dynamite) def Team Hi Def (“Golden Heart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) via a Doomsday Device Finisher to become the NEW AOW Tag Team Champions.

PPRAY (“Pretty” Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) def The Munsters (Killa Gorilla & “The Definition of Pain” Terex) with a double school boy roll up pin on Gorilla for the victory.

“The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker (w/Christian Rosenberg) def Dirk-Ness Tucker via a Cutter Finisher. Afterwards, The Stepchild continue to beat down Dirk-Ness until The Stepdaddy came out for the save. Rosenberg announced at AOW Resolution on January 18th, “The Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker will go one on one with “The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker & if Stepdaddy doesn’t agree to fight him, he’ll be fired. Stepdaddy says he humbly agrees to the match.

Semi-Main Event:
Jerome “LTP” Robinson def TNA Superstar The Menagerie’s Mike Knox via DQ. Robinson used the old “Eddie Guerrero” threw a chair at Knox & layed on the mat thinking Knox hit him.

Main Event
No DQ Match for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) def “Rock-n” Richie Slade via a Front Facing Death Valley Driver to become the NEW AOW Heavyweight Champion until the 2014 Cash in the Case Winner “The One” Blake Grayson cashed in his opportunity for a shot at the championship.

AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“The One” Blake Grayson def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) to become the NEW AOW Heavyweight Champion
(1st time in AOW history that the Cash in the Case Winner cashed in on the same night he won the briefcase).

This evening event was a great show from the guys at Alpha Omega Wrestling. A great turnout of fans at the Riverside County Fairgrounds. With the title changes & having TNA Star Mike Knox who is a So Cal Native on the show, AOW gave the fans their money’s worth. As to my Matches of the Night, Congrats to:

The American Oni vs Dexter MilhouseNew AOW Champions 11-16-14 pics
Cash in the Case Match
Team HD vs Pinky/Killbourn
Eric Watts vs Richie Slade

Pop of the Night goes to:
Los Bandidos def Team Hi Def for the AOW Tag Championships (Crowed was stunned after that match as their fav tag team was finally defeated.)

Grayson def Watts for the AOW Championship
(Fans cheered & kids surrounded the ring to celebrate Grayson’s 1st AOW Heavyweight Championship win..very big pop)

AOW will be having 2 special AOW Live events in December on Dec 13th at the Afterburn Gym in Victorville & on Dec 18th at Sol Sports Restaurant in Coachella, Ca. The Dec 18th Show titled “Ghost of Christmas Bashed” is FREE w/unwrapped Toy Donation or just $5 admission.
AOW next Big Event “Resolution” will be on Sunday January 18th. Please visit the SoCalUncensored Event Calender for updates on these events.

On a personal level before I end the recap:
I would like to personally thank Alpha Omega Wrestling for allowing me to be their Ring Announcer for the whole 2014 year. I can not tell you how much I thank you guys for giving me a chance to be part of the wrestling business & give me the opportunity to be your ring announcer. I cherish these moments being surrounded by all of you, getting your advice & hearing your feedback..I hope I continue to make you all proud. I will be looking forward to 2015 & to continue to be your Ring Announcer. Hopefully through this opportunity, other promotions will one day call upon me to Ring Announce their shows but again all I can say is “Thank You”.

Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at ringside!