[Recap] AOW “Unleashed V” on January 31st 2016

Alpha Omega Wrestling
Unleashed V
Hilton Garden Inn
January 31st 2016
Victorville, Ca

Good morning on this beautiful cold windy day here in So Cal..Mike Draven is back as I’m here to recap the exciting AOW Unleashead V. Your commentating team for this event was Big Rob, “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker & “The Blindman” Mike Chatman with yours truly Mike Draven as Ring Announcer.

Lucha Libre Exhibition Match:AOW 1-31-16 1
Tiger Kid def Bobby Rios with a Sunset Flip pinfall for the win. After the match, we would see both men show sportsmanship but Rios would then attack Tiger Kid putting him into a “GTS-Go To Sleep” laying out Tiger Kid as the fans jeered Rios as he just embraced the hate in this solid opening contest.

AOW Owner Christina Rosenberg would come to the ring along side his Regime members “The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker & “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido as Rosenberg would address a couple of things happening at Alpha Omega. Rosenberg would address the fact that Ryan J. Morals has joined The Blind Man Army & even though its a tough loss, he gave his consent for Morals to be part of the BM Army as you can hear “Blindman” Mike Chatman talk about how proud he is of Morals for joining the winning team at the commentary table with “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker & Big Rob.

Rosenberg would talk about that the other half of the Tag Team Champions Rico Dynamite wasn’t here but told the fans to not worry because the Tag Team Championship is apart of The Regime & announced that The Red Headed Stepchild will team with Tito Escondido to defend the championships later in which Rosenberg would then call out “Pretty” Peter Avalon to the ring as he would mention that originally the AOW Tag Team Championship was scheduled to be a Fatal 4 Way but since Avalon’s partner Ray Rosas is experiencing “Car Trouble” that PPA would unfortunately not participate in the match & announced it as a Triple Threat Match.

But Christian Rosenberg knows money when he see it & would announced that since Peter Avalon is here, he will compete as he placed him in the AOW Annual Cash in the Case Match but he’ll up the ante as if anyone of the 6 remaining wrestlers eliminates Avalon, they’ll leave with a Five Thousand Dollar AOW 1-31-16 2bonus.

Cash in the Case Elimination Match (Winner receives a Championship match at Any AOW Champion within a year) “Pretty Peter Avalon vs “The Veteran” Rudy Luna vs Jacob Tarasso vs Brian XL vs “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky vs “The Winning Ticket” Simon Lotto vs The American Oni (w/Pris):

“Pretty” Peter Avalon outlasted all 6 competitors last eliminating “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky to become the 2016 Cash in the Case Winner.

Order of Elimination:
Simon Lotto by Jacob Tarasso via Unprettier finisher
Jacob Tarasso by Pinky via Double Handed Chokeslam
Brian XL was attacked by Rated 2G (Badd Blood & Blk Jeez) with American Oni getting the pinfal
American Oni by Rudy Luna via Pinfall
Rudy Luna by Pinky with “Choke to Sleep” Finisher
Pinky by Peter Avalon with Marti-knees finisher

Triple Threat Match for the AOW Women’s Championship:
Ashley Grace def “The Wounded Owl Ronin” Lufisto & Raze to become the NEW AOW Women’s Champion but Grace didn’t know that Lufisto’s foot was on the bottom rope as a second referee showed the video to the referee in the ring along side “Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker & myself as Tucker would declare the video was correct & the match would restart. Moments later, Lufisto would pin Ashley Grace to successfully retain the AOW Women’s championship as a heart broken Ashley grace was in the ring.

Triple Threat Match for the AOW Tag Team Championship:
Team Hi Def (“The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews & “Golden Heart” Drake Fortune”) def Rated 2G (NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion Badd Blood & “King of Philly” Blk Jeez) & The Regime (Red Headed Stepchild & Tito Escondido w/Christian Rosenberg) to become the NEW AOW Tag Team Champions as Brian XL returned to distract Rated 2G as Team HD set up their Double team (Swanton Bomb/Neckbreaker) finisher on The Red Headed Stepchild for the win. An upset Christian Rosenberg & Tito Escondido verbally insulted Red Headed Stepchild as Ashley Grace came to the ring to celebrate with her team..Team HD.

Fatal 4 Way Match as AOW introduces the Super Jr Heavyweight Division:
LTP def “Indestructible” Eli Everfly (w/Cap Comic Con), “The Vegan Superman” Jacob Diez & “The Past, Present & Future of Pro Wrestling” Teddy Hart (w/Machka & Mr. Money) as LTP would hit a Thunder Driver Finisher on Everfly for the win in one of the most intense matches of the evening.

Afterwards, Teddy Hart would take the mic to talk about Pro Wrestling, the fans & about AOW as he thanks the fans.

Triple Threat Match:
“The SuperTsar” Sasha Darevko def Damien Smith & “The King of the Crossroads” Tyler Bateman as Darevko rolled up Bateman with a hand full of tights for the win.

Tag Team Match-(Stipulations: If Scorpio Sky wins he’ll receive another AOW Desert Championship AOW 1-31-16 3Match, if he loses he’ll never fight for the championship again):

Prior to the match, a video was displayed as someone took out Brian Kendrick before the match making this match a 2 on 1 Handicap match but Kendrick would staggeringly make his way to the ring & got involved making it back to a Tag Team Match.

The Blind Man Army (AOW Desert Champion Ryan J. Morals & Andre Machievski w/”Blindman” Mike Chatman) def Scorpio Sky & Brian Kendrick as Kendrick went to deliver a dropkick on Morals, he would side step away & Kendrick accidentally dropkicked Sky allowing Morals to quickly roll up Kendrick for the three count.

As the Blind Man Army celebrates, an upset Christian Rosenberg got on the mic demanding why Morals never came out to help The Regime in their title defense. Even though Morals is now part of the BM Army, Rosenberg said he was still a friend of The Regime but since Morals pinned Kendrick & not Scorpio Sky he ordered that Morals will defend the AOW Desert Championship verses Scorpio Sky at a future show as BM Army was all upset & Kendrick/Sky looked surprised from Rosenberg’s announcement.

Semi-Main Event-“Battle of the Big Men”:AOW 1-31-16 4
“Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/American Oni & Pris) def Mike Knux as Knux would eliminate Oni from the equation, Watts would deliver a Bicycle Kick on Knux for the victory.

Main Event-Last Man Standing Match for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Ron Kilbourn def “The One” Blake Grayson (w/Youtube Sensation Tyrone Magnus) to be crowned the NEW AOW Heavyweight Champion as he would deliver the final blow as he hit Grayson with a viscous chair shot to the head as Grayson wasn’t able to make it to his feet by Jeff the Ref’s 10 count as the show would end for the evening.

First & foremost despite the weather conditions, the fans packed the Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center. The fans enjoyed the event with plenty of cheers & chants as we saw from top to bottom everyone at AOW brought their “A” game. Solid opener from Rios/Tiger Kid got the ball rolling as Kilbourn/Grayson ended a very successful evening of AOW wrestling.

But as to my Matches of the Night, it was a difficult decision as everyone had a great showing..action packed, high spots, suspense, heartbreak, everything. But as I give my cudos to everyone on the show, I have selected these matches for my MOTN:

Everfly vs Diez vs LTP vs Hart: The Newly Announced Super Jr Heavyweight Division brought together 4 amazing talents that put on one amazing match. LTP & Diez who are no strangers to eachother put on a clinc in this match. Eli Everfly is on such a big roll as in the past week not only did he achieve his 1st singles title but they night before he & his partner Pinky won the Duel Cobras tournament, so with that momentum not only did he take some abuse he gave the others more & see such a bright future in Everfly that even Teddy Hart would mention in a promo that Everfly impressed him a lot & maybe one day we’ll see them again. Teddy Hart, what can you say that hasn’t been said, Hart was in Beast mode last night giving the other competitors his “Hart” & soul as he delivered many devastating moves including a Canadian Destroyer from the top rope on the “Vegan Superman” Jacob Diez. In the end, all four men delivered & if this is the beginning of the new division in AOW, its going to be a division to talk about for years to come.

Kilbourn vs Grayson: This feud between these two competitors gave the fans in attendance a match thatAOW 1-31-16 5 will be talked about. Kilbourn fired the first shots as he came to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons as they would play a huge roll in this match. With Grayson never give up attitude & the fans support, he went the distance with Kilbourn but the ruthless number one contender would pull out ever dirty trick in his book of tricks including handcuffing Grayson as he delivered a barrage of strikes & ultimately setting up a paint pan over the head of Grayson & striking him a few times with a Chair on the Paint pan as Grayson unfortunately couldn’t get up & thus losing the championship. I tip my hat to both wrestlers in this match.

Knux vs Watts: Another feud that has been going on for a few months, both men would trade victories over the months but in the end, with the help of the Midnight Society Eric Watts was able to get the upper hand in this match. Both men used their power & strength in this solid match up as we now wonder what’s next between the Former WWE Tough Enough Competitor verses the Former WWE/TNA star.

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