World Series Of Fighting 28: Moraes vs. Barajas Main Card Recap

While SoCalUncensored is a site dedicated to pro wrestling, there was always an interest in the sport of MMA in the past. I recently asked the SCU brass and received their blessing to recap the main card from World Series Of Fighting 28: Moraes vs. Barajas that aired live on NBC Sports on February 20th, 2016. The event took place at the Next Level Sports Complex in Garden Grove, CA and featured Marlon Moraes defending the WSOF Bantamweight Championship against Joseph Barajas, as well as The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 veteran Jamie Yager taking on Daniel McWilliams.

All fights are sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission.

Welterweight Division: Andrew Ramm (MMA Record: 4-3) vs. Ozzie Alvarez (MMA Record: 6-3) – Referee: John McCarthy

Round 1: Ramm controls the center of the cage early in the round as Alavarez circles around him. Ramm goes for a kicks until Alvarez opens up with a short flurry. Ramm goes for a rolling kneebar and ends up in guard after getting tied up in a clinch by Alvarez who was able to land a knee to the body before the fight went to the ground. Ramm works some rubber guard to prevent Alvarez from advancing position. Alvarez has a hard time trying to escape Ramm’s guard, who kept looking for submissions. John McCarthy eventually stands them up 3:48 seconds into the round. Ramm would look for single strikes on Alvarez, but would get tied up when trying to go inside before the round ends.

Andrew’s score: 10-10, as neither guy seemed to do any real damage on his opponent. Ramm prevented Alvarez from doing any damage while on top, but Alvarez was still on top for most of the round.

Round 2: Ramm begins the round by being a little more aggressive by going for more strikes early on and controlling the center of the cage. Alvarez circles on the outside and would go in and out from time to time with some combos, and Ramm trying to counter as Alvarez tried to move out. Alvarez would start to make Ramm chase him and was more mobile on his feet three minutes into the round and began to start landing shots on Ramm, who was starting to have trouble catching Alvarez, who had really good foot movement in this. Alvarez would score a takedown 4:01 into the round, as Ramm once again used his guard to keep Alvarez from advancing. Round 2 ends with Alvarez on top in Ramm’s guard.

Andrew’s score: 10-9 Alvarez. The takedown and his striking won him the round in my eyes.

Round 3: Once again, Ramm controls the center of the cage and chases Alvarez with strikes, but gets taken down 14 seconds into the round. Ramm worked on bottom as Alvarez was able to advance to half guard, but Ramm was able to recover full guard. Alvarez would land some small strikes while while in guard to score some points, but he couldn’t get full posture in Ramm’s guard. John McCarthy stands them up 3:54 into round 3 as Alvarez didn’t advance his position. Ramm controls the center of the cage as Alvarez continues to circle him, trying to get Ramm to chase him. Alvarez would counter Ramm’s strikes and would attempt a takedown that Ramm tried to counter with a kimura. As the round comes to a close, Alvarez lands a spinning back kick to the chin of Ramm right as the final bell rang.

Andrew’s score: 10-9 Alvarez. Again, the takedown and controlling the pace of the fight, along with the takedown in the round won him the round.

Andrew’s final score: 30-28 for Alvarez. Bas Rutten also scored it the same according to NBC Sports and the Ring Side app they plugged during the show.

Official Decision: Ozzie Alvarez defeats Andrew Ramm via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Welterweight Division: Jamie Yager (MMA Record: 6-4) vs. Daniel McWilliams (MMA Record: 13-32) – Referee: Mike Beltran

Round 1: McWilliams opens up early with some kicks, and goes for a takedown hat gets stuffed by Yager, who was able to takedown McWilliams with a standing 100% Crucifix Sweep into a Scarf Hold/Kesa-gatame to setup a short armbar for the win.

Official Decision: Jamie Yager defeats Daniel McWilliams via Submission (Scarf Hold Armlock) in Round 1 at 0:38. It should be noted that Daniel McWilliams was a last minute opponent for Yager.


Bantamweight Fight: Timur Valiev (MMA Record: 10-1)  vs. Chris Gutierrez (MMA Record: 8-1-1) – Referee: Mike Beltran

Round 1: Gutierrez controls the center of the cage and both guys throw a few faints for the first minute and doesn’t fully commit to anything. Valiev would score a takedown after a few minutes, and is caught in a Prayer Grip Guillotine choke attempt. Valiev would get Gutierrez back on his feet and would control him on the fence until Gutierrez escaped when Valiev went for a headlock takedown. Gutierrez lands a nice kick to the body before Valiev tied him up 4:00 into the round. Valiev would end up being more aggressive towards the end of the round.

Andrew’s score: 10-9 Valiev as he was the aggressor and scored a takedown in the fight. He also was able to keep Gutierrez pressed up on the fence for most of the round. Gutierrez was impressive though and had that Prayer Grip choke on really tight.

Round 2: Right out of the gate Valiev is the aggressor in this and lands a few small strikes. Gutierrez would get knocked down while going for a kick at the same time Valiev went for a spinning back kick. Valiev scores another takedown when Gutierrez tried to counter a punch by going for a knee, allowing Valiev to take him down briefly before Gutierrez got back up and was put against the fence again. Valiev takedowns Gutierrez again, staying busy in Gutierrez’ guard landing some nice ground and pound. Gutierrez would attempt an armbar, but that allowed Valiev to pass briefly and to remain on top for the rest of the round.

Andrew’s score: 10-9 Valiev again. More aggressive and the takedowns won him the round. Gutierrez did a good job in this, but was simply outclassed by Valiev here.

Round 3: Valiev continues to be the aggressor, but has a hard time catching Gutierrez who keeps moving out of Valiev’s range. Both guys showing lots of respect for each other’s striking abilities early on in the round. Valiev uses an assortment of kicks and Gutierrez landed a nice right cross 2:30 into the third round. Valiev would pick up the pace and starts chasing Gutierrez, while Gutierrez tried to stay out of range. The last moments of the fight would start to slow down until the last 12 seconds when Gutierrez would chase down Valiev, who slipped but got back on his feet and would fight for a takedown as the fight would come to an end.

Andrew’s score: 10-9 Valiev. Again, he was aggressive and controlled the pace of the fight.

Andrew’s final score: 30-27 for Timur Valiev. Bas Rutten scored it 30-28 for Valiev.

Official Decision: Chris Gutierrez defeats Timur Valiev via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30). I really didn’t agree with the decision, and I felt Valiev did more to win the fight.

WSOF Banamweight Championship: Marlon Moraes (MMA Record: 15-4) (c) vs. Joseph Barajas (MMA Record: 12-1) – Referee: John McCarthy

Round 1: Moraes gets started early by landing leg kicks on Barajas, who is leaving his lead legs out for Moraes. Moraes lands a vicious left leg kick to Barajas’ right knee 1:08 into the fight. Barajas took a step and went down to the mat to bring the fight to a quick finish as referee John McCarthy pulls Moraes off Barajas to end the fight at 1:13.

Official Decision: Marlon Moraes defeats Joseph Barajas to retain the WSOF Banamweight Championship via TKO (Leg Kick) – Round , 1:13

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