[Recap] Lucha Underground on February 3rd 2016

Lucha UndergroundLU Episode Logo 2-3-16
February 3rd 2016
Boyle Heights, Ca

This is Mike Draven with this weeks Lucha Underground recap on the El Rey Network. We saw a quick recap of the history of Season 1 leading up to Dragon Azteca spray painted the question mark on the temple banner. Prince Puma is seen in the gym as Pentagon Jr makes his way to thank him but this evening they’re to tag up against the Disciples of Death but he vows that to make Puma his next victim as they start fighting.

An injured Lucha Underground champion sits on top of his throne as Matt Striker & Vampiro talk about this weeks epsiode.

Johnny Mundo vs Killshot:

Fast paced as both men complimented each other with their wrestling ability, size, etc. Mundo would use every move in his arsenal but Killshot would continue to take the challenge to him with a burage of moves especially with a beautiful superkick into a middle rope DDT to the top to do a 450 splash.

But Referee Rick Knox gets knocked out allowing Mundo to hit a low blow to set up the “End of the World” (Starship Pain) Finisher as Johnny Mundo defeats Killshot.

Mundo would grab the mic & sets his sights on Mil Muertes until Cage would come out to intrupt Mundo & also personally issue a challenge to Muertes once he’s healed as Mundo says some words as both wrestlers stare down each other while Muertes watches. As Mundo leaves the ring, Cage focuses on Muertes as Mundo returns to sneak an attack as Cage holds his own & stares down Mundo once again.

A very playful & disturbing music is playing as we see Sexy Star tied up as Marty “The Moth” Martinez talks to Sexy Star about his sister & what the future holds for her…Very Creepy.

We would see a promo from “The Darewolf” PJ Black (FKA WWE’s Justin Gabriel) talking about his passion as we’ll see him in a Lucha Underground arena next..

Willie Mack vs “The Darewolf” PJ Black:

With a chant of “Holy @#$%” in the arena, PJ Black gets a very warm welcome to the temple.

Good match up between these two as Black gets the early advantage over The Mack. A varies amount of chops from both men as Mack takes control using his size on the smaller Former WWE star. But Black would use his own strengths verses his bigger opponent as Black would attempt a springboard clothesline only to get caught by The Mack who turned his momentum into a stunner & for the win.

The Mack def PJ Black

A new luchadora Kobra Moon promo was shown as it is announced that her debut will be next week.

Main Event-3 on 2 handicap match-Disciples of Death vs Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr:
The trio’s champions make their way to the ring as they pay tribute to the champion Mil Muertes as Puma & Pentagon Jr come into the temple with both men eyeing Muertes in their separate entrances.

D.O.D. use the extra man advantage on Puma & Pentagon but both men would be able to take out the Disciples of Death in what seems to be as they are trying to one up on each other. D.O.D. continue to wear down Puma as Pentagon tries to save him only to receive more punishment from the trio champions. Pentagong would finally seize control against the Disciple of Death with a series of chops followed by a Prince Puma Dropkick. But Puma & Pentagon would stare each other down giving the Trio Champions an opportunity to gain control once again until a failed attempt at a suicide dive by the D.O.D. allowed Puma to execute his 630 finisher but not knowing Pentagon would make the legal tag & pin a member of the D.O.D. after Puma nailed the 630 finisher giving them the win.

Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr def Disciples of Death

Once again, Puma & Pentagon would stare each other down as Pentagon would hit his Backstabber & set up for the breaking of his arm but Puma would be able to get out of it as fans cheered for both men.

As we end the show with Rey Mysterio talking about the lineage of the Dragon Azteca bloodline as we see both Mysterio & Dragon Azteca look at each other as Mysterio smile..what could be in-store for everyone at Lucha Underground?

Another great episode on El Rey network. Lucha Underground tapings will return in the summer for Season 3

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