[Recap] AOW “Ghost of Christmas Bash” on December 19th 2015

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Ghost of Christmas Bash
Elks Lodge
December 19th 2015
Twenty-nine Palms, Ca

Good afternoon & happy holidays socaluncensored faithfuls, I’m back once again to give you a full recap of the AOW “Ghost of Christmas Bash” event from the Elks Lodge in Twenty-Nine Palms, Ca on Saturday December 19th 2015. Its been a few months but I made my return to not only ring announce but to provide some play by play on a couple of matches on this special holiday event from AOW.

The show kicked off with “The Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker welcoming everyone to the show but he would be used as a moderator for the official contract signing as Ron Kilbourn will recieve another championship match verses “The One” Blake Grayson on January 31st in Victorville, Ca for Unleashed V.

Kilbourn would use this opportunity to get inside the head of the champion Grayson but the champ is confident that he will once again successfully defend the championship in his hometown as Stepdaddy would announce at the next AOW Live event on January 16th back in Twenty-Nine Palms that both men will compete in a “Beat The Clock” Challenge match & whoever gets the fastest win will name a special stipulation for the Championship Match on January 31st.

As this event was being shown online via Periscope, The AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg was watching the events unfold & unfortunately I had received a text message from the esteem owner to address the crowd as per order of Mr. Rosenberg that Blake Grayson & Ron Kilbourn would be paired together in a tag team match later that evening as they would face Team HiDef (“Goldenheart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) as both men would be extremely upset to be paired together in a match.

Triple Threat Match:
Ashley Grace def Andre Machievski & Ruben Iglesias as Grace would make Machievski tap out to a Octopus Stretcher submission as this makes the second time Machievski would tap out to Ms. Grace.

10 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
(Winner receives a AOW Desert Championship Match later in the night):
Scorpio Sky outlasted all competitors eliminating Johnny Manson to become the winner & #1 contender to the AOW Desert Championship.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
Sickhouse (Johnny Manson, Kruger & “Miracle” Mike James) def “The Winning Ticket” Simon Lotto, Jacob Tarasso & Sexy Chino as Manson & Kruger excacuted a Double team Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo followed by a Diving Elbow Drop from James onto Tarasso to give Sickhouse the victory. An upset Jacob Tarasso blames their loss on the lack of effort from Simon Lotto as Tarasso demanded a match right there verses Lotto but as soon as the referee returned to the ring, Lotto left the ring as Tarasso is vividly upset but in the end Sexy Chino & Jacob Tarasso entertained the fans with some dancing in the ring.

During intermission, Santa Clause would come to the ring to greet the fans & take photos in the ring but said he’s looking forward to his match verses Eric Watts & hopes after their match later, Watts will embrace the spirit of Christmas & we can see him on the good list this year.

“The Veteran” Rudy Luna def “The Hardcore Kid” Aaron Aguilara with a roll up & a hand full of tights in this hard fought match up. Afterwards an upset “Hardcore Kid” would issues an open challenge to Luna on January 16th (after he couldn’t remember the date or where this place was which got some great laughs from the crowd) to a Hardcore Match & Fans bring the weapons.

Tag Team Match:
Team HiDef (“Goldenheart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) def AOW Heavyweight Champion “The One” Blake Grayson & Ron Kilbourn as Kilbourn would hit his Spinning Sidewalk Slam finisher on Grayson & put Drake Fortune on top of Grayson to give Team HD the win as Team HD didn’t understand why Kilbourn did what he did to his own partner.

Naughty vs Nice Match:
Santa Clause def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts via “The Sleigh Ride” Spear for the victory & to save the Christmas spirit from the evil “Darth” Watts. Afterwards, Santa would try to show sportsmanship to Watts but the “Dark Lord of the Midnight Society” proved that the “Force” is still strong in him & kicked him in the “Fruit Cake” as Watts would exit the ring.

Main Event-AOW Desert Championship:
Scorpio Sky def Ryan J. Morals as Morals would kick him “Below the Belt” as the referee would call for the Disqualification. Morals is still AOW Desert Champion.

This was a special annual Holiday event from Alpha Omega Wrestling as it was a Free event for anyone to attend. Despite the small crowd the action was hot all night as everyone on the AOW roster gave the fans in attendance a wonderful show.

As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:
Ryan J. Morals vs Scorpio Sky: Solid match up & great wrestling action from both men but we would see that Morals would do ANYTHING to prevent anyone to take his Desert Championship using underhanded tactics.

Team HD vs Grayson/Kilbourn: Nice tag match but with the unlikely pairing of both Champion & Challenger to the AOW Heavyweight Championship, both wrestlers didn’t get along in the entire match & only adds more fuel to the fire in the most anticipated rematches in AOW history.

Rudy Luna vs Aaron Aguilara: Hardcore Kid lives up to his name as they would brawl all over the Elks Lodge using anything that wasn’t bolted down, fighting outside the lodge. Despite this not being an official Hardcore Match, Luna would overcome to get the win but at what price as Aguilara is looking for revenge & in his specialty type of match..Hardcore Rules on January 16th.

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