SoCal Youtube Match Reviews 12/19

Andrew Reviews… A “MOTYC” caliber Triple Threat Match with B-Boy, Famous B, and Eli Everfly, PPRay against dudes in bug masks, Lucha stuff, and more from Mike Camden’s favorite reviewer!

B-Boy vs. Eli Everfly vs. Famous BSantino Bros Wrestling


Santino Bros Wrestling Academy posts a lot of their content on their Youtube channel, and recently uploaded their entire October 10th event on Youtube, and I wanted to put this match in this review because of how good it was.

This match got a standing ovation, and for a very good reason. These guys tore down the house and put on a high-quality match that epitomizes what a “Match of the Year” candidate should be. Lots of crazy spots in this and a hot crowd to make this an entertaining match from start-to-finish. Eli Everfly looked like a middle school kid in the ring with two guys like B-Boy and Famous B, and also came off as a little prick throughout the match, resulting in him getting tossed around and destroyed. This Eli kid really shined with his performance. He’s got an early Rey Mysterio Jr. meets TARO vice. B-Boy and Famous B also both had good performances here, as they both hit some sick moves on Eli and each other, as well being being able to take Eli’s offense.

Watch this match. It’s worth it. Had this taken place in front of a PWG crowd, this would be getting huge praise from lots of people. These guys take some sick bumps and pulled some off lots of cool, innovative stuff. I can’t recommend this enough.

PPRay (Ray Rosas & Peter Avalon) vs. The Hive (Bee Boy & Mantis)Santino Bros Wrestling

So Trina Michaels did a promo to set this match up. Said she’s the most famous person that’ll ever be in that ring. Maybe the most famous for being to be able to fit two erect penises into one of her orifices at the same time, but probably not the overall most famous person. Who knows. She holds the microphone way too close to her mouth, but it’s forgivable as I’m sure it was a force of habit that carried over from her other line of work. After she rambles, PPRay come out to try to save this segment and cut a promo. Trina is a charismatic black hole and now we have a match. Trina introduces PPRay’s opponents, The Hive, who are a team of masked bugs with a Chikara type vibe to them. I honestly thought they were Chikara guys until I Google’d them and saw that they aren’t.

There’s some antics to start, but also some solid action. Lots of tag team spots and double team moves. All four guys were really solid and out together some cool sequences. Pretty enjoyable stuff. Not exactly a Match of the Year candidate, but still a really fun 10 minute match (if you skip the angle at the beginning) that is worth checking out. Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas blend really well as a team and have some good chemistry.

SoCal Pro Golden State Championship Match: Mike Camden (c) vs. Lil’ CholoSoCal Pro Wrestling

Two quick notes, first, this match (along with the PPRay/Hive match) was going to be in my previous edition of this article, but I had to cut it because of length. Second, Mike Camden got upset because I said negative things about his fellow SoCal Pro wrestler, Dirty Doug, and said he expected me to trash him in my next review. To be honest, if he sucked, I would’ve talked so much shit. Like, seriously. A lot of shit. Probably an entire article’s worth of shit.

But, he didn’t suck. He’s got a generic look, isn’t very charismatic, doesn’t have personality as a babyface, came out to Van Halen’s cover of “You Really Got Me Going,” and came off as pretty generic. I’m guessing “Welcome To The Jungle” or “Back in Black” already had dibs called on them by other guys on the card. But besides that he’s athletic and has skill. He had a crisp moonsault, and even though the transition into it was sloppy, he seems to understand proper armbar technique since he had decent looking one applied during the match. Cholo had a good showing in this too. There were some moments in this match that looked shaky, but in the end they put together a solid match.

Adrian Quest vs. HIM w/ Gary YapEWF

Let me start off this match review by saying I know the secret behind Gary Yap’s “Man In Black” and that I’m honestly surprised and intrigued by the inside story about this gimmick and act. What’s being pulled off by the EWF and Gary Yap.

Much like the last match I saw him in, Adrian Quest is the smaller, faster worker in the match and uses a lot of high flying spots and fast sequences in this. Gary gets involved in the match at some points and plays to the crowd while his masked client stays silent and works a slow, methodical style to make the act work and getting the crowd into things. While this match isn’t the greatest or most exciting, it was a solid outing from both guys in the ring.

Rey Horus & Enigma vs. Steve Pain & Bestia 666Oddity Wrestling Alliance

Lucha Libre has been a staple in Southern California for a long ass time. Nearly every weekend you’ll find some type of Lucha event with a variety of workers. Some from Mexico, some not from Mexico, and even some who aren’t even Mexican. Either way, Lucha Libre is a vital part of the SoCal scene. With all the Lucha Libre going on in SoCal, there’s a lot going on under the radar.

I stumbled across this match and gave it a look, and I’m glad I did. While there were some sloppy moments and a few botched spots, this match had a good amount of highflying Lucha spots, as well as some brutal offense from the Rudo team of Bestia 666 and Steve Pain. The tecnico team of Rey Horus and Enigma do some really cool highflying stuff and made their opponent’s offense look really good. Like I said, there were some awkward moments in the match, but this still an enjoyable match and is worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

So that three way match with B-Boy, Famous B, and Eli Everfly deserves so much praise and attention, and the Lucha tag match was nutty and fun to watch. Nothing really bad in this set of matches, but go out of your way to watch the Santino Bros Three Way Dance.