[RESULTS] AOW “Pride of the Ring” Night 2 May 18th 2014

Pride of the Ring Night 2AOW 5-17-14 flyer
Amistad High School
May 18th, 2014
Indio, Ca

Pride of the Ring Night 2 break down:
Pre-show: Jacob Terasso felt that he deserved a favor from the new owner, and wanted to be the first to face Champion Richie Slade to a match and called him out. As his music was interrupted from Slade’s to Tab Jackson as she came out instead and prompted an impromptu match up.

Tab Jackson def Jacob Terasso

AOW POTR started with Stepdaddy Roscoe Tucker’s music playing and the locker room following him out to the ring as he gave a farewell to AOW speech thanking everyone for their support and hope they continue to enjoy AOW. However new AOW owner Christian Rosenberg came out and addressed step daddy telling him he was not fired, but he still has a workers contract that he must oblige by and was instructed to stay the rest of the show as special guest time keeper for the show. The remainder of the locker room surrounded the ring to listen to the “New Era” of AOW.

First thing he did was reinstate alpha star Ryan Morals & extended an offer to join the Rosenberg regime. Since Eric Watts couldn’t get a rematch for the AOW Championship, Mr. Rosenberg gave Watts a match against Blake Grayson later in the evening since Watts feels that because Blake didn’t help him in his title match the previous night, that’s why the Midnight Society lost the belt.

Rosenberg rewarded Jeremy Jeager with anything he wanted. He said he wants a trophy & her name is Crystal Michelle, which prompts another match later in the evening.
Mr. Rosenberg then calls in The Munsters and thanked Jacob Tarasso for loaning them to him and suggested that they should get the AOW tag team titles. Which prompts the main event High DF vs The Munsters vs Amazing Red and Brian XL and Ryan Morals and a mystery partner.

Rosenberg then rewarded Spectre for being MVP of Team Stepdaddy with an another endurance test of a 2 on 1 elimination handicap match vs new AOW stars Alexander Hammerstone and Jay Garland:
Alexander Hammerstone def Spectre (Spectre def Jay Garland before he was eliminated).

“The Heartthrob” Evan James (w/Blindman Mike Chatman) def Andrea the Giant with help from the blind man and a bought out ref.

“Top Shelf” Jeremy Jeager beat Simon Lotto after Crystal Michelle got involved leading to her to plead to Jeremy to stop a vicious assault and got an accidental superkick from Lotto. After the match Jeager carried her back to the back when lotto chased after them.

Per order of Mr. Rosenberg, Step Daddy was to announce the next contest. A tag match featuring Ridiculously Big (Biggie Biggs & El Ridiculoso) vs “The Real Deal” JJ Steel and the Red Headed Step Child. The match ended with Steel hitting a super kick from a sling shot on Ridiculoso.

AOW Desert Championship:
The American Oni def Dexter Milhouse after the ref was down and used the title to knock out Dexter Millhouse to become the new champion. After the match, Oni proceeded to take a razor and shave Dexter’s Mohawk before being saved by biggie biggs and ridiculoso.

Pride of the Ring Finals:
Jerome “LTP” Robinson def Ruben Iglesias, “Boss Level” Ron Killbourn and Jacob “The Riot” Diez to win Pride of the Ring & he will get a contract for a championship match good for 1 year. After the match, Jacob Diez challenged LTP to a steel Cage match at a future AOW show.

“The One” Blake Grayson def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts by DQ after a distraction from American Oni lead to a chair shot by Eric Watts. Watts was the last man standing after a vicious assault from the Midnight Society.

Main Event for the Vacant AOW Tag Team Championship:
Team High Df (“Golden Heart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) def The Munsters (Terex & Killa Gorilla), Brian XL and Amazing red, and Ryan Morals & Brian Kendrick to win the vacated AOW tag team championship.

Credit: Alpha Omega Wrestling