A Recap of AWS’ “Halloween Slaughterhouse 6” Oct. 26th

Shot of the Night 10-25-2014 -

October 26th, AWS “Halloween Slaughterhouse 6” at American Legion Post #335, South Gate. Another large crowd was on hand for the latest AWS show. Take note: Some of the nicknames given to some of the given wrestlers were based on their Halloween gimmick that they featured on the card.

1 – Warhog (w/ Cap. Comic Con) p. Mariachi Loco
Cap. Comic Con was in “Genesis-Mode” to go with the NSPW storyline that is currently being played out. Warhog himself hit a Modified Muscle Buster, using the hold into a Stunner for the pin, and he had some choice words for Mariachi Loco after the bell.

2 – El Ridiculoso, Hector Canales, & The Human Tornado beat “Zombie” Sheik Khan Abadi, Tyler “Joker” Bateman, & “The Most Interesting Man in The World” Sasha Darevko
Great 6-man Halloween gimmick match that saw some comedy mixed in with some serious wrestling. Hector started off with the “El Chido” gimmick, then finished it with the “Real Man” gimmick. Sheik Khan did his usual thing, but didn’t try to “eat the brains” of any of his opponents. Tornado put on a glittering glove, and started off a Thriller dance. In the end, it was Ridiculoso who tried to do a Sunset Flip on Sasha, accidentally “exposing a half-moon” in the process, and “Real Man” Hector “smooched” Sasha, allowing Ridiculoso to complete the Sunset Flip for the pin.

3 – SoCal Crazy got a DQ-win on Sinn Bodhi
The former Kizarny in WWE seemed in control most of the match, picking on the knee of the masked luchador. But SoCal Crazy’s perseverance got the better of Sinn Bodhi, and he got into an argument with Referee Rick Knox, throwing him out of the ring, eventually resulting in the DQ decision. Before that, though, Sinn Bodhi tried to bodyslam SoCal Crazy to the apron of nails, but Rick Knox slid the apron out of the ring before he could execute it.

4 – Nicole Savoy (Misty from Pokemon) & “Gizmo” Candice LeRae beat “Ruby Raze Kruger” & Sage Sin Supreme (as “Friday The 13th Jason”)
Another great Halloween gimmick match, mixed in with some serious wrestling. Raze first tried to “start up Nicole Savoy’s deadly nightmare” by applying a Sleeper hold, then went for her Freddy Kruger Claw, that Referee Jason Thomas(sp?) took away. Sage then asked for the bottle of water for Raze to spray onto “Gizmo” Candice, but got the said water sprayed onto her face instead. That allowed Savoy, in her Pokemon costume, to hit the German Suplex on Raze for the pin.

5 – Six-Pack Elimination Challenge Match: Brian Cage v. Mikey O’Shea v. Che Cabrera v. Leo Blaze v. Lil Cholo v. Willie Mack
Brian Cage made short work of Leo Blaze at the start, pinning him with the Discus Lariat. In a surprise decision that followed, Mikey O’Shea pinned Lil Cholo with the Gunslinger, but after a cluster that had him flip over the top rope into a cluster bump, Che bridged over and pinned Mikey, with his feet on the ropes that was not caught by Referee Justin Borden. A major battle between Willie Mack & Brian Cage followed after “Mr. GMSI” pinned Che with Weapon X. In the end, it was Willie Mack who scored the final pinfall with the Chocolate Thunder Driver.

6 – Famous B successfully defended the Lightweight title over El Chupacabra (w/ Sage Sin Supreme)
El Chupacabra may’ve regretted telling Sage that he didn’t need her help, that he could do it alone. He had a few chances to put away B, but B gave him a pair of Flashing Lights for the pin.

SM – B-Boy successfully defended the Heavyweight title over Jeckles The Jester (w/ Sage Sin Supreme)
Great battle between the two, although Sage did try to interfere, which resulted in her eating a Brainbuster. B-Boy then went on to put an end to Jeckles’s winning streak in AWS with a Sleeper Hold for the KO submission.

M – Steel Cage Match. PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) won the Tag Team titles from Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido)
Things really got heated when Tito tried to “hit on” Ray’s fiance, Yuli, starting the brawl outside the cage. For a moment, Rico & Tito had Ray isolated inside the cage, busting Ray open in the process, while forcing PPA to climb in the hard way. Tito also got busted open, leaving the mat a real bloody mess. Rico managed to escape the cage first, then Peter did the same. That left Tito & Rosas in the cage, and Tito tried his best to pick apart Ray’s surgically repaired right knee. PPA & Rico tried to prevent the opposing tag team partner from escaping, and Ray did a reversal rollup to counter a 2nd F5 attempt for the title-clinching pin.

Shot of the Night 10-25-2014 -

Shot of the Night 10-25-2014

Overall, a great Halloween card. The crowd gave some great energy early on, then it seemed to taper off during the standard title matches, then picked up again for the main event. Plenty of stuff were given away at the raffle, with one lucky winner scoring 4 front row seats for the 11/22 show. In the costume contest, one lucky girl, who dressed up as “Little Sage Sin Supreme” also scored front row seats to the said 11/22 show for her family. MOTN obviously goes to the steel cage match, followed by the ladies tag team match.

“You didn’t f*** up, they did!”
— Lil Cholo to Willie Mack, on the recent news of WWE releasing Willie from his developmental deal.

“There is no doubt that we [PPRay & Los Bandidos] are the two best tag teams in So Cal today!”
— PPRay, addressing the AWS fans after the steel cage match with Los Bandidos