[RESULTS] FUW “Trick or Beating” October 24th 2014

Fans United WrestlingFUW 10-24-14 flyer
Trick or Beating
Skybox Grill
October 24th 2014
San Diego, Ca

MEDI MIKE comes out as “POT DUST” to start the show, and introduces the other voice of FUW, JON ALLEN as “ROWDY JONNY PIPER!”

Jon welcomes people to FUW, where “just when you think you’ve got all the answers, WE CHANGE THE QUESTIONS!” To start things off, there’s going to be an old fashioned “Piper’s Pit” segment, and introduces the FUW Champion, “STONE COLD” DAMON DIVINE! Damon tells people a story about all the beers he’s been drinking, and that he’s here to whoop JOEY BARONE’s ASS! “CRAZY ENTERTAINMENT” (SOCAL CRAZY, RIC DYNAMIC, and Joey Barone) make their way to the ring. Joey tells Damon that he’s not someone pretending to be another wrestler, because he’s a REAL wrestler! Crazy tells Damon that eventually he and Damon will meet again, but for tonight, he’ll be satisfied watching Joey take Damon’s title. A fight breaks out, with Damon gaining the upper hand and clearing the ring! Damon makes his way to the back as we get ready for our first match of the evening!


Dan Bublitz makes his way to the ring as “DAN BEARER,” holding a gold urn with “#RIP” written on it! He cuts a promo saying that tonight may have been “Trick or Beating,” but that soon there would only be beatings because “EVIL was coming!” JIMMY RAY WALKER makes his way to the ring as the world most dangerous Tweeter, “JIMMY RAY SHAMROCK!”

The theme from “The Cleveland Show” hits and out comes C-Love as CLEVELAND BROWN! A very back and forth match, with the fans chanting “CLEVELAND” numerous times throughout the bout! JRDub tried to put away “Cleve-Love” with an ankle lock, with the his opponent constantly fighting back! Attempting to put away his adversary, C-Love made his way to the top rope, but was caught by JRDub! Yelling out the trademark “No no no no NOOOOO,” “Cleveland” was slammed back down to the mat and pinned for his troubles, as Jon announced over the PA system that “Dear God, Cleveland’s been cancelled AGAIN!!!”


Rasta came out first paying, announced as “KOFI LION” (tribute to KOFI KINGSTON), followed by Bruce Gwarstein being announced as BRUCE WYATT (tribute to BRAY WYATT), and Kray Z Klown as “KLOWN CENA.” Wrestling Matt came out announced as “WRESTLING ANGLE” (tribute to KURT ANGLE) and cut a brief promo in the ring on his opponents.

Following this was Ali hussein as ALI SABU-SEIN, and their final partner, “The” Jon Allen as “JON VAN DAM!” Bruce Wyatt chose to sit in the crowd and just observe for the first part of this match. JVD started the match off with Kofi Lion, in a chain wrestling exchange that included numerous headlock escapes and reversals. Tossing Lion into the corner, JVD charged in only to be back body dropped to the outside, but landed on the ring apron. After a right hand to the face, Jon climbed to the top rope, leapt off, and arm dragged Lion to the other side of the ring!

More action would follow as the other team members were tagged in, including Kofi Lion getting the “Boom Drop” on Jon, Ali Sabu-sein locking the camel clutch onto Kofi Lion, Bruce Wyatt hitting the “Sister Abigail,” Wrestling Angle arm dragging Klown Cena from the top rope, and Wrestling Matt being Attitude Adjusted onto his head by Klown Cena! The finish came with Klown Cena locking an STFU on Jon Van Dam, but had to release the hold when Wrestling Angle locked in the ankle lock on Klown Cena for the submission win for his team! After the match, a limping Jon Van Dam gave a five star frog splash from the second rope to Klown Cena as payback!
WINNERS: Wrestling Angle, Ali Sabu-sein, and JVD!

Rudy would enter first, coming out as “The Heart Broke Kid,” “RUDY MICHAELS!” out next was Anthony Idol, coming out as “HULK HOGAN” to a HUGE pop!!! This was a very physical and intense match that saw “Hulk Idol” getting a press slam onto Rudy and then tearing off his shirt! Surprisingly back and forth, as Rudy Michaels continually used speed and submissions to counter Anthony’s overwhelming power and size difference.

Rudy at one point attempted to choke out Anthony on the second rope by standing on “The Hulkster’s” back and pushing on the top rope! “Anthony Hogan” would later make a come back locking his smaller adversary in a bear hug! Rudy would make a comeback once again, leaping off the top rope for a signature flying elbow drop, and even managed to hit “Sweet Chin Music” on Anthony while the big man was temporarily on his knees! It was all for naught however, as Anthony would kick out of a pin attempt, “Hulking up” and the showstopper with the all too familiar flurry of punches, followed by a big boot! An Atomic leg drop off the ropes was hit onto Rudy as Anthony made the cover for the one, two, three!!! After taking a moment to bask in his victory, Anthony lifted up his adversary, who joined him in some flexing and posing to the strands of “Real American” to the delight of the packed crowd!

DARK USAGI vs MATT TWIZTED in an “Extreme Rules” match!

The lights dimmed as Dark Usagi made his way to the ring announced as “STING USAGI,” being dressed as the wrestling icon STING! With baseball bat in hand, he cast a very ominous presence over the Skybox, banging his weapon onto the ring. As his opponent was about to be announced, the Hardcore Icon, MICK FOLEY appeared on the video monitors! Mick announced that the time had come for him to pass the torch, because maybe he couldn’t do what he could before. He said he had scoured the earth looking for the next hardcore icon, saying “you want him?! YOU GOT HIM!!!”

As “Whole Lotta Groove” hit over the speakers, Matt Twizted made his way to the ring as CACTUS MATT! With a barb wire baseball bat in hand, it was clear that the fans were in for a Hell of a fight! What followed was arguably the most brutal match to ever take place in FUW, as both men pulled out everything they had to get the win! Usagi locked in a Sorpion Death Lock! Cactus Matt ran the apron of the ring and dropped an elbow to Usagi on the concrete floor! Matt was bloodied up pretty after both men returned into the ring however, as Usagi raked the barbed wire bat across Matt’s face!!! Matt went to his “big of tricks,” however, spilling thumbtacks across the ring in FUW for the first time since March! Usagi would again gain the upper hand POWER BOMBING Matt into the thumbtacks!!! Eventually making a comeback however, it would be Twizted who would catch his foe off gaurd with a kick to the midsection, followed by double arm DDT’ing Usagi FACE FIRST into the thumbtacks!!! Matt went for the cover, and for the first time ever, someone managed to get the better of Usagi!!!

During intermission, CLEVE-LOVE came back out to dance for the crowd, much for their delight. Anthony Hogan and JVD announced the results of the raffle, from which a lucky fan won a brand new FUW t shirt! Joey Barone comes out and says the the whole show is BS and a mockery to wrestling. Jon asks Joey if he wants his title match tonight. Joey says he DESERVES his title match. Jon aks again if he “wants” it though, because according to the powers that be (namely, the fans), since it’s a Halloween show, if he doesn’t come out in a different gimmick, he will LOSE his title match!

Nug Life Championship Match: JACOB “THE RIOT” DIEZ vs SHADY

“Cult of Personality” played as Jacob made his way to the ring as “CM DIEZ” (CM Punk tribute) along with his girlfriend and fiance, AJ SUNSHINE (AJ Lee tribute)! Shocking commentator Medicinal Mike, Diez had taped a white “X” over the front plate of the Nug Life Championship as an act of defiance against what he believed the championship stood for! Getting on a microphone, he explained this further, stating that under his reign as champion, a new era had begun, as the Nug Life Championship would no longer be contested under extreme rules as it had been under Matt Twizted.

Furthermore, he believed the fans to be nothing more than alcoholics and drug addicts, and that they were beneath him, inciting their anger. As the strands of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” hit, Shady made his way to the ring as the SHADE MAN (Sandman tribute)! Not surprisingly, to an uproarious pop within the bar as many fans sang along to his entrance! Diez worked a much more grounded offense against Shady than in their previous encounter, opting to try and pummel the XPW veteran into unconsciousness rather than try to impress the crowd with more high flying maneuvers as he had done previously.

Leaving his hoodie on until a few minutes into the match, Diez finally removed it to reveal that he was wrestling in a full body suit depicting CM Punks trademark tattoos on his body! At one point during the match, Jon noted the irony in the situation as the fans were witnessing a “beer guy fighting a straight edge guy for the pot belt!” Trademark maneuvers of both wrestlers portrayed were hit, as Shady nearly put Diez away with a White Russian Leg Sweep, but Diez was able to make a comeback and put away his longtime FUW rival away on this night with the “Go To Sleep” finisher, running off with his belt and his woman. After the match, referee CHAZ RICHARDS was able to bring the Shade Man back to consciousness by pouring beer into Shady’s mouth. Shade Man continued to guzzle it down to the delight of the FU Fanatics as he made his way to the back.
WINNER: And Still Nug Life Champion Jacob “CM DIEZ!”

Mixed Gender Match: KITANA VERA vs MALDECIDO

The MASSIVE MALDECITO made his way to the ring first, with his gear modified to make him resemble the rocky mountain monster, BIG VAN VADER! Kitana Vera would enter next, competing as GAIL KIMTANA VERA (Gail Kim tribute)! This was a brief and one sided match, as despite Ver’a best intentions, the power and size advantage of Maldecito was simply too much for her on this night. While she made a valiant comeback, avoiding a splash in the corner and firing back with targeted strikes to Maldecito’s head and neck, she also seemed to be favoring her right knee, which looked to have possibly been injured earlier in the week in another match. A targeted Vader bump would knock out the “sweetheart of Southern California,” leaving her prone to a pinfall from the behemoth.


Jimmy Ray Shamrock, Klown Cena, Kofi Lion, and “DIA DE LOS MUERTOS” (INCENDIO CALAVERA) were the first four men to enter the match. The next person to enter would be SoCal Crazy, accompanied by his personal mariachi, MANNY BAEZ! Kofi Lion eliminated by Jimmy Ray Shamrock. Cactus Matt would be next! Newcomer ASHLEY GRACE would be next! Bruce Wyatt as the next person to enter! Bruce Wyatt ELIMINATED by Die De Lose Muertos and Ashley Grace! Rudy Michaels made his way to the ring! Ali Sabu-sein after that! SGT. DESTRO would be next (BIG DADDY DESTRO as SGT. SLAUGHTER)! The sarge’ got on the mic and called the crowd a bunch of “God damn MAGGOTS,” to which Jon clarified to the fans “That’s ‘maggots’ with an M” in case there was any doubt. “USA” chant started for Destro as the MEAN STREET POSSE are the next to enter!

Klown Cena eliminated by Rudy with sweet chin music! Final entrant is the SHADE MAN! Shade man with a kendo stick shot to Cactus Matt! Kendo stick shot to Rudy Michaels! Jon says he thinks he can eliminate Rudy Michaels now, as Shade Man kendo sticks the entire Mean Street Posse! Rudy invites Jon van Dam into the ring, and he accepts! Rudy INSTANTLY ELIMINATES JVD! Mean Street Posse eliminated! Jimmy Ray Shamrock eliminated by SoCal Crazy! Ali Sabu-sein eliminated by SoCal Crazy! Rudy eliminated by the Shade Man! Cactus Matt and Ashley Grace eliminated by SoCal Crazy! Only SoCal Crazy, the Shade Man, and Sgt. Destro remain! Sgt. Destro gets on the mic and asks the fans if this should be a three way dance now. They agree and the match is underway.

Very chaotic battle ensues, as Destro is eliminated first by pinfall, leaving just Shade Man and SoCal Crazy. SoCal Crazy picks up the pinfall win! Afterward, Crazy tried to convince Shady to join him in taking over the company!

FUW Heavyweight Championship match: DAMON DIVINE vs JOEY “THE BONE” BARONE

Joey is announced to the ring as “RAZOR RA-BONE,” who comes to the ring with his normal gear, but having added a gold chain and a tooth pick jutting from his mouth, clearly only having been willing to do the bare minimum in order to keep his title match. Around his waist was the heavyweight championship he’d won and never lost in a previous company he wrestled for. “Stone Cold” Damon Divine is next to the ring.

SoCal Crazy returns once more, this time replacing Pot Dust on live commentary with Jon Allen! What followed here was a war, with each wrestler pulling out every trick they’ve ever had to try and put the other away, Crazy having a war of words with the fans and Jon at ringside. Joey and Damon seemed quite evenly matched, with Joey showing why he had been such a dominant champion his previous company. Just about any time Damon would power back back against Barone, he would lose that momentum other to a well timed submission on the part of Joey, or outside interference by SoCal Crazy.

At one point Damon went for his signature running powerslam to put “Razor” away, but it was countered into a spine rattling back cracker. Eventually Crazy was fought to the back by people tired of his interference, possibly distracted by his sudden lack of help, Joey fell victim to a kick to the midsection and a Stone Cold Stunner, allowing Damon to pin him for the one, two, three! Your winner, and STILL FUW heavyweight champion, “THE NOMAD” DAMON DIVINE! Afterword, Damon invited Rudy Michaels back out to the ring to help him celebrate with a beer bash!

Jon Allen thanked the audience for attending and said this was the funnest show he’s ever had! See you all next time!

Credit: FUW