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Skybox Sportsbar

May 9th 2014

San Diego, ca

Ali Hussein won a “Talent Showcase” Battle Royal and earned a guaranteed match at “Fandemonium” on June 27th.

Jacob “The Riot” Diez def Eli Everfly in match that saw Eli accidentally shatter a ceiling light with his head jumping from the top rope to attack Jacob. Eli got a standing ovation afterwards.

Grab Bag Tag Team Match:
Jimmy Ray Walker and C-Love def Kray Z Klown and Scorpio

Dark Usagi def Iron Butterfly

Hudson Envy def “The Sin City Siren” Terra Calaway

Joey “The Bone” Barone made his surprise debut to FUW, interrupting announcements during the intermission and declaring that he was ALREADY Fans United Heavyweight Champion

Tables Match for The Nug Life Championship:
Matt Twizted def Rasta Lion to retain the championship when
The Massive Maldecido interrupted the tables match, slamming and splashing Rasta Lion through a table & ref declared Twizted the winner.

Damon Divine def Ric Dynamic by count out in under two minutes. Ric got on mic and stated that the deal for a rematch between Damon Divine and SoCal Crazy was for Damon to BEAT Ric, not let him escape, so as his manager, denied the rematch.

Damon demanded five more minutes, and after some goading, Ric agreed. Damon pinned Ric in just under five minutes.

SoCal Crazy’s music hit, but no SoCal Crazy. Ric got on the mic again and said that in all the preparation for his match, he forgot one small detail; SoCal Crazy wasn’t even in the building that night, he was in Florida. Damon will get his rematch, but it will be on June 27th at Fandemonium.

Main Event:
Shady def Human Tornado

The Jon Allen thanked the fans for coming and invited them to all come back for Fandemonium on June 27th at the Skybox to close the show.