Scorpio Sky to debut at University of MMA June 1st

One of SoCal’s most celebrated Wrestlers Scorpio Sky took a hiatus shortly wpid-img_20140508_031503.jpgafter losing his Hollywood Heritage Championship to Ricky Mandel at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  But it looks like Sky’s next fight won’t be in a ring, yet an octagon.

Over the years MMA and Professional Wrestling have on occasion shared talent.  We’ve seen MMA Fighters like Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock cross over into professional wrestling and have fairly successful careers, both Shamrock and Severn are former NWA World Heavyweight Champions.  We’ve also see it go the other way with Bob Sapp, Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar having varying degrees of success in the world of Mix Martial Arts.

There are even rumors of CM Punk, once officially out of contract with the WWE heading to the UFC.

The latest addition to this fraternity would be Scorpio Sky.  “Sky is on a hiatus from professional wrestling right now…” Christian Cole said via an interview back in March with University of MMA: Fight Night program.  Cole would hint at the fact that Scorpio Sky was taking time away from the ring to work on his jiu jitsu and his mma.  Christian Cole did flat out say that if Sky were to continue his MMA Career that UofMMA would be where he would to go.

Announced just a short while ago via “The Experience” Instagram Account, Scorpio Sky is set to debut with The University of MMA at their Fight Night 7 at Club Nokia LA Live on June 1st.