[RECAP] AOW “Road to Unleashed” Oct 3rd 2014

AOWAOW 10-3-14 flyer 2
Road to Unleashed
Hilton Inn Convention Center
October 3rd 2014
Victorville, Ca

Alpha Omega invaded Victorville, Ca this evening for their Road to Unleashed event. The show kicked off with The International Dream team (J-fury, Kevin Braveheart & Evan James) lead by the Athletic Director “Blindman” Mike Chatman. Chatman introduced his newest member to the I.D.T. from Havana, Cuba Che Cabrera. As the newest member was announced, the I.D.T. decided to turn on Evan James calling him “Dead Weight” until Sexy Chino & Spectre came to the rescue & making a unscheduled 6 man match before the actual start of the show.

6-Man Tag Team Match:
The International Dream Team (J-Fury, Kevin Braveheart & Che Cabrera) def Sexy Chino, “The Heartthrob” Evan James & “The Antihero” Spectre when Cabrera hits his “Uprising” finisher on James for the win.

The show officially started with AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg & his Regime (Jacob Tarraso, “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger, Ryan J. Morals, “The Stepchild” Buford Tucker & “The Real Deal” JJ Steele) talking about that Jaeger & Steele messed up his plans at the Valley Rumble & wanted an apology from them. Rosenberg also talked about the AOW Tag Team title match later this evening where 4 members of The Regime are involved & tonight someone will bring the titles to his stable.

Bobby Rios then proceeded to make his way to the ring & told Rosenberg that his feud with Rudy Luna needs to end tonight & wants a match with him. Luna came in & attacked Rios forcing everyone from the back to come to the ring to separate them. Rosenberg stated that if they wanted a match so badly, they got it & since everyone is out there he made it a Lumberjack match.

Lumberjack Match:
Bobby Rios def “The Veteran” Rudy Luna via Superkick

Alpha Female Crystal Michelle made her way to ringside as she talked about her unwanted admirer “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger showing up everywhere she is which lead Christian Rosenberg & Jeremy Jaeger to make there way to the ring. Rosenberg said he was reviewing the contracts of the AOW talent & notice that Crystal Michelle’s contract states she works as a Wrestler/Valet. Since she hasn’t competed in some time, Rosenberg says that Crystal Michelle was to compete tonight or otherwise get terminated. Her opponent…Jeremy Jaeger! If Crystal Michelle wins, then Jaeger will no longer stalk Crystal but if she loses, then she must become Jaeger’s new valet.

“Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger def Crystal Michelle with a roll up & feet on the ropes. Crystal Michelle is now Jaeger’s NEW valet.

Triple Threat match:
“Boss Level” Ron Killbourn def Golden Mask & “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky when Killbourn threw powder into Golden mask & connected with a spear for the victory.

Dexter Milhouse came out & called out The American Oni for shot at the AOW Desert Championship. The American Oni along with Pris made there way to the ring & told Milhouse that if he wants a shot at the championship, he needs to defeat him in a Non-Title match.

Dexter Milhouse def The American Oni (w/Pris) with a roll up. After the match, Oni used a cane to beat down Milhouse & said that at Unleashed, he’ll put the championship on the line against his career in an I Quit Match.

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts comes out & says that he should be the the #1 Contender for the AOW Championship & get a shot at the champion at Unleashed on November 16th. LTP came out saying that he deserves a shot at the championship as well. Christian Rosenberg decided that both men will compete in a #1 Contendership match & the winner will get the title shot at Unleashed.

#1 Contendership Match for the AOW Championship:
“Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) def LTP with a Chokeslam to become the NEW #1 Contender.

Four Corners match for the AOW Tag Team Championship:
Team Hi Def (“The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews & “Golden Heart” Drake Fortune) def “The Stepfamily” (“The Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker & Dirk Ness Tucker) & The Regime (“The Stepchild” Buford Tucker & “The Real Deal” JJ Steele, Ryan J. Morals & “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger w/Crystal Michelle) when JJ Steele hit Jaeger & Team HD hit a double superkick for the win & still AOW Tag Team Champions.

Afterwards, Rosenberg got into JJ Steele face & wonder why he did what he did. Steele just left ringside not really giving an answer.

AOW Championship:
“Rock-N” Richie Slade def “The One” Blake Grayson via DQ when Eric Watts came to ringside & hit Slade as Grayson looked on. Then Watts & The American Oni beat down Grayson & showed everyone in Victorville that “Big Nasty” Eric Watts will stop at nothing from recapturing the AOW Championship at Unleashed.

The event was pretty good with a great attendance for the event. Great matches on the card, everyone gave it there all but my Matches of the Night goes to:

Richie Slade vs Blake Grayson
Team HiDef vs The Stepfamily vs The Regime
Bobby Rios vs Rudy Luna

AOW will be participating with a Charity event in North Hollywood on Saturday, Oct 18th & they’ll have a smaller show that evening in Victorville at the Afterburn Gym.

AOW Anniversary event “Unleashed” will take place on Sunday, November 16th in Indio, ca and as we seen in the show it looks like:

AOW Championship:
Richie Slade vs Eric Watts

I Quit Match for the AOW Desert Championship:
The American Oni vs Dexter Milhouse
(If Milhouse quits, his career is over)

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